Jun 29, 2008
I have a 2 year old Sprite Major 6. I have owned the van from new. Where shall I begin? Around 6 months into using the van the shower tray split, and the worktops started to blow. I reported it to the dealer I bought the van from and they aranged a complete shower tray renewal and ordered new worktops under warranty.The van was booked in - some 6 or 8 weeks later for the dealer to keep for a week to complete the work. Whilst away in the van in the meantime the front curtain tracks dropped off. A call to the dealer and they said they would order the tracks intime for the rest of the warranty work. The new shower tray and worktops were fitted the curtain tracks did not arrive and a new date was arranged. Away we went once more and it was the week before the great floods of 2007 and we were in Filey. The bathroom door fell off due to the shortest screws available holding the hinges on - I replaced them myself its not worth the hassle. On our way home we got caught in a heavy downpour that I now know did some damage to my van. The next time out and I noticed that the bottom of the rear dinette was swelled as if it had wicked up some water - a little more investigation and the other side of the dinette was the same along with the tv cupboard.I rang the dealer straight away and had got it into my head that the water must have come through the floor. The van went in and it was discovered that the cause was an ill adjusted door letting water in especially when travelling. The dealer insinuated that it must have been something I had done and was reluctant to do anything about it. After a lengthy arguement and a phone call to Swift who were most unhelpful it was agreed to do the work under warranty. In the interim a Swift engineer came and adjusted the door to stop anymore water damage - I can now see daylight through the door seal. The rest of the work has not yet been done and the van is booked in for September - but theres more. We have just been away for a week and we were using the oven in the van. The cooker is a Stoves hob and oven with a glass hob lid. The cooker can only work with the lid in the upright position as with it down the gas is cut off. Dinner was going well when there was an almighty BANG and the glass lid exploded showering glass all over the cooker,food,sink and as far as my 2 kids who were playing at the front of the van. A phone call to Stoves was made who informed me that the cooker is out of warranty and an engineer could come to look for a £149 call out - I declined. So here I am with a van made of tissue paper by Swift that falls apart with the greatest of ease and apparently I am now on my own - the warranty is only really useful for 1 year. Wish I would have kept my Bailey! Are all vans like this? any comments please
Aug 17, 2007
Unfortunately far too many caravans are like this these days. Hurried construction and 'piece' work doesn't help in my view.

What makes it worse, from my experience, is the poor support and backup given by some dealers, certainly the last 2 I have used.

Jul 13, 2006
Hi Harzi

Sorry to hear about all those problems, it is clear to me that Sprite should just accept that this is a poor van - regardless of how many times they come on here and tell us how much stock they place on quality control and continuous improvement and offer trips to the factory etc etc. The simple truth is that if swift are not just playing lip servive to the things above they should take your caraven off you and replace it with a new one.

They should then gather all their workers around your old van and have a 'continuous learning and development' session. And, they should preferably do this when they are hosting a factory visit so that we buyers can see exactly how much emphasis is placed on selling a quality product.

I had a similar problem with the bathroom door falling off due to the pathetic screws and like yourself fixes it myself. The thread is on this 'general' forum under poor quality components.

In fairness to swift they do come on here and offer to help but now they need to be seen to take strong action. I look forward to you telling us when new van is arriving.
Nov 13, 2007

Would you like to contact us to see how we can help? Our telephone number is 01482 875740 or our email address is enquiries@swiftleisure.co.uk


Dec 9, 2007
And again I ask: "Can someone at Coachman Caravans please take notice of the rapid response of their competitor,Swift,to a customer with a problem."

Nov 2, 2006
Hello Harzi, sorry about your tale of problems,I also had a problem with the Stoves oven in my abbey 416,the entire inner oven cabinet fell into the cavity inside.They just did not want to know anything about it,(outside warranty),never happened to anybody else before. Letters to customer care,supervisors, and finally the MD cameback with the same answer,go away or pay for our engineer. They really are inflexible, and should be avoided if possible.All the best of luck with your other problems.

regards Anthony.
Mar 14, 2005
Hello Harzi,

Not withstanding Kath's offer to to look at the circumstances, ou should be contacting trading standards.

There is no such thing as a one year warranty, if a product is faulty from new, or has an inherent shortcoming, such as an oven door that shatters, then it should not have been sold.

Do not bother contacting the appliance manufacture, as they have no obligation to you. Your contract is with your seller. If they have sold faulty goods, they are responsible.

Maybe Kath from swift can arrabge to help, but as trading standards will tell you it is the person or organisation that takes your money who is responsible in law..

Peak to trading standards and subject to their advice you may need to speak with a solicitor.
Jun 20, 2005

Sorry to hear your tale of woe.As John L says your contract is with your dealer. Notwithstanding the help offered by Swift's Kath have you tried to reject the Sprite as not fit for purpose?

A carefully worded letter , pressing the right buttons , can sometimes get the desired result.

Daylight visible through the door seals isn't right.

Jo-anne rejected two new caravans recently with great success.

Good luck and keep us all posted.


Feb 15, 2006
hiya, alan is correct. no matter how old i would reject it. if its on finance get black horse involved. if its has more than 5 warrenty issues you also have a better case.

no excuse for shoddy workmanship im afraid.

good luck



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