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May 7, 2005
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The design of our van places the various little lit indicators outside the bedroom, the CO , smoke, power panel all in the entrance area facing 180 degrees away from the bedroom. The fridge's array lays under the tea towel, rail, so is effectively covered by a towel.
This does leave just an adequate amount of night time light for navigating to and from the loo, without disturbing my wife.

All well thought out, something rarely encountered more generally in caravan designs IMO.

I accept I am "blessed" with the ability to sleep very well, my wife not quite as well but certainly not troubled with the like of the cyclic flashing from the CO & smoke alarms.
Should it be, I think I would stick on a little folding flap, so able to cover them for the sleep time period, but have them visible doing as designed at all other times; the audible alarm would still wake even me if it ever went off in a real need case.
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