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Aug 21, 2005
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Been out today looking at 'vans. Will be our first purchase. We can afford new but would settle for something recent if it had a substantial saving. Have been offered a 2004 model coachman amara 500/5 for £11,400. Its new, just never been sold yet. Is this a good van. Dealer also has a couple of similar Elddis vans for similar money (Illusion 505 for 12750) but he says that the coachman is a better built van and offers a few more extras (cd, external gas and 240v etc). Any thoughts or other similar models to look at. As we have a three year old that wont settle at night that well at times we thought that having a rear berth with a solid divider would be better than a side bunk (and end washroom) that just has a curtain around it. Hopefully this would offer some higher level of sound insulation for her. I am 6'1 tall so cant see that the showers in any van will be that much use for me, so a small shower room isnt a problem.

Thanks, Steve
Mar 14, 2005
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Assume you have first checked the weight ratios etc. against your tow car - if not, read any of the numerous threads about such things first.

Coachman seem to have a better reputation for reliability - see CC survey in receint magazine issues.

This is a good time to look for unsold 2005 model year (MY) vans as the 2006 vans come in just after September. A 2004 MY still unsold would be an even better bet if it suits you and if you intend to keep the van some years. After about 5 years the depreciation curves tend to level out.
Sep 11, 2005
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Steve, my partner is also 6'1 " tall. We have been caravanning for just 4 months and love it that much we have just bought a brand new Adria. This has a sold door that slides across at the bottom shutting the little cherubs in and giving them a more peaceful sleep. My daughter is 7 and she is positively excited about our first trip away in it this weekend. I dont know of any other dealers but if you ring Gateway Caravans in Batley, im sure they will tell you where the nearest dealer to you is. I found them very helpful and seemingly honest, i think you need a bit of trust when its your first time in buying...good, you can also stand up in the shower!!


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