Sun Awning

Jul 15, 2005
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Hi David,

Once the Summer is truly with us, or maybe on vacation in France, we only bother taking our two Isabella sun shadows.

Originally we just used one sun shadow, basically a big handkerchief that erects in a few seconds. Fibre poles as standard - total weight a few kilos.

Like LEGO blocks, the Isabella sun shadows simply clip together, so We now use a second (on the front edge of the original) to provide angled cover against the sun.

If you need something with a bit more cover, we had a look at other options from the Isabella range or the sun canopies from van der Horn in Holland. These take a bit longer to erect, have some side cover, and look good as well.




Have a look at the Towsure cataloque. They do a range of simple sun awnings at reasonable prices. I purchased one for my last van and it was excellent for use as a sunshade. Light and easy to erest, or take down if the weather looked bad. The new van is longer so the old sunshade may look a bit odd, so will probably buy another.
Mar 14, 2005
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We have an NR Sun Canopy - here's the website link:

It's been fine and has impressed friends so much that they bought one as well! Quick and easy to put up. We take it away as well as the full awning for our main summer trip and use it when we're stopping somewhere just for 2 or 3 nights to save putting up the full awning.

Sometimes we use the sun canopy on the rear side of the van even when we've got the main awning up - to protect that side from hot sun and to provide additional shaded sitting area at different times of day. Sometimes we only put upo the roof section of our main awning anyway. Flexibility is the answer...

By the way it's also good for keeping rain off the door area if you are unlucky enough to have some wet weather...


Jan 1, 2006
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Chris H,Scotch Lad and Rob-Jax

Thanks for your help I may not be a lot futher forward but I do know which way I am going. this is the first time I have used the forum and I will be looking in on a regular basis
Jan 2, 2006
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We also got fed up with the hassle,weight and associated arguments with full awnings,in fact we bought a brand new Trio Mexico awning and have used it for two nights

We now use a Eurovent sun canopy that is light and strong and is 8' deep so give plenty of protection from either sun or shade.It has upright and roof poles so is sturdy,and comes with a detachable end if required and all this for not much over


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