Tow Car Awards 2018

Jun 20, 2005
Just received my August edition of PCv,. Getting earlier than ever :)
On the whole a very comprehensive assessment across a large number of vehicles.
However, just one observation. Why do these “tests “ say nothing about durability and long term reliability.
I particularly note JLR have done very well, good luck to them, but will they last :eek:hmy:
Most of the reliability surveys across many publications tend to put them at the bottom of the pile :whistle:
Have I missed something :kiss:
May 7, 2012
The tests can only assess a car on its driving and towing ability as the reliability and durability cannot be assessed on a short drive round a test track. Basically what you are getting is an assessment of the cars ability as a tow car but you have to make your own judgement on its other merits.
Aug 23, 2009
As you say DD you can only go by the reliability tables from other publications. Perhaps a reliability ranking from another magazine could be included in the test results. That should knock LRJ off the podium once and for all. Just another little observation and only a slight deviation I promise..... There are so many well proven reliable tow cars out there BUT they are all trusty old faithfuls like the original Sorrento, 2.8 Pajero/Shoguns and Hyundai Terrican. You can see why so many people hang on to them, even just as a tow car, because they are so much better than the new fangled things produced at the moment.


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