Tow Cars for Hire; HELP

HELP!! We are looking to hire a tow car or 4x4 to take our caravan away for a few days next week to the New Forest. Our new 4x4 has been delayed on delivery. Anybody know of any hire firms? can't seem to find any of the web - so any specific addresses or phone no's would be really useful!

Yours hoping we don't have to tell the kids we can't go!!

Garry and Nikki
May 8, 2005
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Hi we tried to hire a vehicle to tow our caravan at easter. I rang around loads of places (local and national) with no joy. The only thing I was offered was either a 4x4 Site pickup with Flashing lights and chevrons or a ford Transit pickup. In the end I used my own work van and wife and kids followed in her car. Good Luck with finding something.

P.S try you local Land Rover dealer.

Thanks everyone for your comments. We have got it sorted now and are borrowing a friends 4x4. Just to let anyone know though, that Kendall Self Drive do transit vans with towbars at the best price we could find.


Nikki and Garry


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