tow weight and caravan weight

Jun 14, 2019
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Hi new to caravaning going to pick up Elddis cyclone up on Monday mtplm is 1175kg the car is a ford smax kerbweight 1838kg is this ok to pull. driving licence after 1997.All very confusing
Mar 14, 2005
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Hello RileyAnn,

And welcome to the forum.

I hope my answer does not confuse you any further, but there is a fly in the ointment..

You don't tell us the specific model of car that you have, as this could be a very significant factor in your choice of car. Bearing in mind you tell us that you have a post 1997 driving licence, that means you do not have entitlement BE or B+E, which limits your outfit to a combined Maximum authorised Mass not exceeding 3500Kg.

I have done a quick search for Smax vehicle weights, and I found this:
which lists this model as having a Gross Vehicle Mass (=MAM) of 2530kg. This is more than I was expecting, and if its the same as your model then I'm afraid your choice of caravan with its MTPLM (=MAM) of 1175kg when added to the cars MAM gives 2530 +1175 = 3705kg which exceeds your driving licence limit of 3500kg

I would be very surprised if any of the Smax range would come in with a GVW of 3500-1175=2325kg or less

Based on that assumption, I'm really sorry but you cannot legally drive your outfit.

In all other respects the towing ratio would be good at about 63% and generally the larger Fords earn high raise.

Sadly you choices are

Find a smaller tow vehicle with a GVW of less than 2325kg

Choose a smaller caravan with an MTPLM of less than 970kg

Or take the B+E extension test to remove the combined MAM limit of 3500kg

Sadly you cannot get round the figures by only part loading, as the regulation specifically looks at the MAM figures.
Oct 12, 2013
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Nice reply Prof , Rileyann , sadly I think the prof is right ( rarely wrong ) as the car you have chosen is quite a big heavy veichle so read what the prof hss said and think about doing your b+e which will take the limitations off you and you will be able to tow anything and not be worried about weights .

Good luck .
May 7, 2012
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I suspect the Prof is right, although you need to check the cars GVM as it can vary from model to model. The Profs figure looks high to me given the kerb weight of yours, but it needs to be checked for that specific model to see if it is diffeent and sometimes these sites do have errors..
Basically for you to tow legally you need the GVM down to 2325 or less.


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