Toyota or Honda to tow....any views please

May 9, 2015
Hi guys. Owing to us having to return our Insignia Estate owing to continuing electrical problems, we now have our recently purchased caravan, but no car to tow it, so we need URGENT help & direction. We own a 2011 Bailey Pegasus Milan with a MIRO of 1331 Kg and MTPLM of 1499 Kg. Obviously, our budget is limited, so the sky most definitely the limit. We have recouped about 14K as a result of getting our money back from the Vauxhall, so thats where we can start looking. Is the Avensis Estate a good match - practically, as well as statistically ? Had also considered a Honda CRV 2.2, but with the budget we have, it would be one with a few miles on. Nevertheless, its something Im also considering.So, any views on the Toyota or Honda please. Thanks in anticipation B)
Nov 12, 2013
Hi mkell and I am sorry to hear you've suffered problems with your Insignia.

If it helps, you can read our reviews of the Honda CR-V – we tested it in 2013 and in 2010. We've also recently reviewed a used Honda FR-V in case that is of interest? And back in 2010 we reviewed a Toyota Avensis Tourer. In addition we've a number of other Honda and Toyota reviews on our Tow Car Awards website.

I hope that helps! I am sure some experienced tow car drivers on here will also be able to give you the benefit of their knowledge, to help you buy with confidence.


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