Truma Mover help!

Feb 19, 2017

We have a truma mover fitted on our 2015 van. Can't find the model number but have attached a picture!

I'm having trouble connecting it and I've read through lots of forums but none seem to have the same issue.

When you switch the remote on, it beeps, then the mover sounds like it is connecting (with the clicking sound) but then doesn't work. The remote just keeps on beeping. Any ideas?

So far I have:
Changed the remote batteries
Switched on/off the mover
Reset the mover and reconnected the remote
Checked the leisure battery is fully charged.

Help! Thanks 😊


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Jul 18, 2017
When you say the 12v batery is fully charged is it reading a minimum of 12.7v? Is it an auto engage or manual? Before engaging the mover onto the wheels do the rollers rotate?
Nov 11, 2009
Have you checked that the cable inside the battery terminal clamps is tight and firmly clamped. I had a situation where the mover rollers worked under no load but as soon as I had them against the wheel it just cut out.
Mar 3, 2022
Currently dealing with the self same problem! I've tried rehooking the units but no joy.
When you press the reset button and it fails to hook up the light flashes in a code, just like Morse.
I've spoken to Truma and apparently the box can't find the motors. I bypassed the box and 1 motor spins up easily while the other is very sluggish.
I've taken the brushes out of the motor and found they were quite worn and the springs feel weak. New ones on order so keeping my fingers crossed. Will update when the brushes arrive and I get them fitted.
Jul 18, 2017
Yes it's more than 12.7, think it was 13v
Manual mover
Havent checked the rollers!
Check to see if the rollers turn on their own befroe engaging as that may eliminate one issue. When you say it is not moving I am assuming that you have manually engaged the mover onto the wheels, but then it doesn't turn the rollers?

When you press the buttons for the mover to work, check the battery indicator inside the caravan to see what the voltage drops down when engaged and pressing the buttons. If it drops below 12v, the 12v battery could be knackered?
Jun 20, 2005
I wonder if the aerial/ sensor wire on the master box has come adrift or been obscured by say a chair interrupting the signal? Otherwise as above check all hard secured cables
Nov 16, 2015
Stepmadlin, getting back to basics, Please don't take this badly , but have you remember to let the hand brake off , go forward and back , to ensure the brake is released.
Mar 3, 2022
So as I said previously my Truma movers were behaving in exactly the same manner as stepmadin's. I would point out mines an older model circa 2008.
Mine turned out to be a set of knackered brushes. Ordered a set direct from Truma last Friday, arrived today and fitted.
Now working nicely (y)
Jun 16, 2020
Look at the flashing light, it provides a code. This can be searched on line.

But if the unit has failed, which I suspect is the case, as the problems sound very similar to the way mine failed a few years ago. Look at this person for repair.

I used him then, and the service was first class. I think it costs £100 which includes return postage, but you also need tp pay for postage to him. On mine he replaced some chips, I got a full report and it worked fine.

Also, you can message him with your symptoms in advance.



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