TV in France,Spain,Portugal

Sep 22, 2005
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My information is probably out of date so does anyone know if you still need multi standard sets to receive terrestrial broadcasts in France,Spain & Portugal please/ my last information was that they used different standards to UK and a conventional set would not work. Or perhaps that was the dealer trying tos ell me something (persih the thought)/
Mar 14, 2005
I presume that you are referring to terrestrial analogue TV reception. For this you will need a multi-standard set as France has the SECAM system, Spain and Portugal PAL B/G with a different picture to sound offset than the PAL I system used in the UK. (A UK TV set will work in Spain and Portugal but the sound quality will be poor to non-existant due the difference in system)

It may therefore be cheaper to invest in a satellite receiver. Then you will not only be able to receive local stations but English broadcasts, too.

Another alternative, at least already for most parts of France and starting next year in Spain, would be to use a digital terrestrial set-top box. But then, again, you will only be able to receive local stations.


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