Two Chimneys in Kent

Two Chimneys is great, my caravan is there! Nice pool, club house and shop, toilets clean. Lots of pitches available, and area very nice. If you do stay there, don't let the kids play on the barrier, I might get a little bit cross with them. Not saying you have kids, but if anyone reading this does, please do not let your children play on barriers on any park. At this one in particular, the children run up to the cars when they see them arrive stand as close as they possibly can, so they can jump on the barrier as it rises back up from the ground after you have gone through. The lovely staff at this park were tearing their hair out. Its dangerous and parents should be more responsible!! Sorry will get off my soap box now!

The park is good now, throughly recommend it!
Dec 16, 2003
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Hi Richard, We stayed there for a week last July. Friendly, family orientated site. Facilities were clean and park was well kept. The main touring area is on the left as you drive in and is fairly open. We preferred the smaller area towards the back of the park in a small 'paddock' with hook ups round the edge and basic pitches in the middle. Very handy for Birchington and the rest of Thanet. We would go there again if we go back to the area. Hope this helps. Ken.


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