Tyre pressure swift sundance 630l 2012 on fiat ducato base

Dec 31, 2011
Can anyone tell me what, broadly speaking, the tyre pressures on a 2012 swift sundance 630l should be pls? There seems to be an endless list of factors which can effect the answer to this but i seem to remember reading somwhere (probably PMH) that a good rule of thumb is 61psi for all four tyres but i can't be sure. Any advice?
Nov 29, 2010
My CI Carioca Fiat Ducato max weight is 3400 kg. Tyre pressures are 85 psi. This sounds scary and one garage fitting new tyres for me could not believe this had been specified but gave in when I showed them the manual.
Remember motorhomes run with a full load most of their life and a soft flexing tyre wall will get very warm.
NB. I am not an expert on tyres, just reporting my experience.
Have you checked manuals and plates on the vehicle?
Dec 19, 2012
Fiat / Swift usually have a sticker which can be seen when the passenger door is open which gives the required pressures. For your information my 530LP (the smallest in the range) are stated as 5.0 bar front and 5.5 bar rear. As already stated, high, but in the manual.


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