Used tow car

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Nov 16, 2015
You didn't tell us you were a hairdresser :ROFLMAO:
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when I retired my son , who works for JLR borrowed his bosses Top of the range, Evoque, to pick me up from Heathrow, absolutely lovely car, loved it. 6 months later I bought a Hyundai Santa Fe, higher spec as standard, and longer warranty .

But people say, if you want to go into the jungle, use a Landover, if you want to come out buy a Toyota. ???
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Jul 19, 2021
I thought that being based on the FL2 the Evoque should have decent reliability as the FL2 is good. Best the OP looks at the Warranty Direct reliability index. My son has a 2008 FL2 and it’s been absolutely no trouble. There was a glitch with the rear differential but LR recalled and installed improved parts. It’s now in need of new glow plugs but at 15 years old that’s not too bad. My son was minded to change it recently and took a Quashqui for a drive. Liked it but has decided to stick with the Landie.
My FL2 was a total disaster, so glad I managed to offload it.
2x Transfer boxes, rear diff, stop start never worked, key fobs died, worst sat nav ever, alternator, wiper motor......
Low mileage 3 year old car when we bought it. and less than 80k when we sold it
Replaced with a 2016 Tiguan which was far nicer to drive and tow with, half the cost to run and reliable.
Then changed to a Hyundai Santa Fe when we bought a twin axle van, again nicer that the FL2, nicer drive, more kit, more reliable and better MPG.

I'll never have another JLR product
Jun 16, 2010
Hopefully not tempting fate here, but my wife has an Evoque and we've never had a single issue with it.

Not allowed to fit a towbar to it though - i have tried ! I think it would make a competent tow car.
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Nov 11, 2009
Funny how our personal experiences influence our future decisions. I had Disco 2 and at three years it had to go because it was a lemon. I moved on to Kia Sorento Gen 1 which was a great car and trouble free. Then later I bought Superb 4WD estate with DSG , again like Disco 2 not good. Now we have two Kias, and probably will move to a Kia EV when the time is ripe.


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