Using Sargent PSU to power new stereo install

Jul 1, 2021
Hi everyone. I’m thinking about installing a car stereo into my caravan as it hasn’t got one as standard (2016 swift freedom 6).

Rather than taking 2 live inline feeds (fused) and 1 negative direct from the leisure battery I’d like to see if I can power the sterio through the Sargent PSU already in place. Looking at the manuals it looks like if a radio had originally been fitted by the factory it would have been through fuse position 6 along with the 10amp fuse for the tv amplifier and 12 volt cigar style power socket. This fits with the wiring coming from the back of the Sargent unit position 6 as the yellow/white wire goes to the tv amp and the black/red wire goes to the 12v power socket.

Does anyone know if the wires coming out of the back of the Sargent PSU in the photos are only the positive with a common negative returning somewhere else? Or am I missing something?


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Oct 8, 2006
Suggestion: first ask Sargent?

Be aware, if you have a Vision Plus aerial fitted it will feed the radio but only on FM and DAB is it has it. It will NOT pass MW or LW. Also car radios in the main have two different/separate aerial sockets, one for AM/FM and one for DAB and they use different plugs.

The alternative is to get a radio aerial, but again beware that if you get a Ring like this it will work on AM and FM but NOT on DAB.

You might be better to look for a bee-sting or shark-fin aerial that will cover AM, FM, and DAB and have it professionally fitted.

Note that apart from signal frequency there is no difference between DAB, DAB+, and FM so you don't need a 'special' DAB aerial.
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