v.w.passat 1.8se 20 v petrol

Jan 2, 2006
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does anyone know the kerbweight for my passat. i have recently upgraded to a 1300kg van (max weight) tow sure tell me its a legal match but I still dont feel confident

cheers Steve
Dec 16, 2003
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We towed a 1300kg ccaravan with the 1.8 SE20v petrol, (an estate) for the last couple of years,and had no complaints. It is a beautiful car, our only problems occurred when trying to tow off really sopping wet fields. VW kerbweights, when they are quoted, are (or used to be) for a completely empty car, unlike British kerbweights which include driver and I think half a tank of fuel, plus all other engine fluids. So their kerbweights appear to be lower than they actually are. Best answer if you're still not sure is to use a weighbridge.
Mar 14, 2005
Maybe VW quoted kerbweights on that basis some years ago but now there is a EU directive 95/48/EC so that all manufacurers throughout the EU specify weights to the same standard. This includes a 90% full fuel tank, all other fluids and coolants, driver and miscellaneous items totalling 75kg. Don't forget, however, that quoted kerbweights are usually for an absolute base model without any options or accessories (like the towbar, for example, which can weigh up to 40kg alone). It is therefore not unusual for the actual kerbweight to exceed the manufacturer's spec by up to 150kg.