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Jul 22, 2018
Hi guys.

We have had our 2003 Ace jubile statesman for a couple of years now, we keep it on a year round pitch up at loch tay, we dont tow at all just bought the van to put there after we camped there, anyway i digress.

Now that we know we love it, we`ve put a deposit down on 2011 swift challenger 580 as we wanted a rear island bed and middle washroom.

The awning size for the old van is sized "968" and the new one "1020" now i make that 52 mm of a difference just over 2 inches so an inch a side not very much at all i thought.

Will we be able to get the awning onto the van? Will the mudwall just be an inch higher up or is a non starter and we`re buying a new awning.

Generally dont know how tight awning sizes are.

Thanks for any input

Oh its an Nr awning (looking on there website its 960-990) Its older but in very good nick
Oct 12, 2016
NR awnings are very good, on a par with Isabella and Walker. It’s possible you may be able to have your awning enlarged to fit the new van. A triangular shaped piece of canvas is let into the roof at each end, the base of the triangle adds the necessary width to each side and tapers off towards the front.. The front of the awning is slightly narrower than the rear but it’s hardly noticeable. I’ve had one of my Isabella’s altered like this and the alteration was pretty much invisible.
If you go down this route have a new beading (Kador) strip fitted at the same time, it ties it all together nicely.
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May 7, 2012
Their are several companies who will alter and repair awnings. I would have a word with them and see if they can help.



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