Warm fridge on gas

Sep 20, 2017
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Dear all, just back from off grid and sadly the Electrolux fridge doesn't cool on gas. 2001 lunar Chateau, fridge cools lovely on hook-up.
Pilot light is on
Flue is expelling warmth.
First third of 'fins' are warm rest are not.

I've read of removing and turning upside down and also read of clearing it all of soot and debris etc.

Caravan services 3 weeks ago but fridge not serviced specifically.

May I have some suggestions to fix please?
Many thanks
Mar 7, 2015
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I`m no expert, but have some experience, having had to do the "turn upside down" trick myself.

The purpose of that is to mix the refrigerants inside the system if they have degraded / separated over time, but if the 240v is returning a good level of cooling, it doesn't seem as if that is the problem.
The upside of doing it would be that you could give it a clean etc at the same time, and examine the general condition, but the downside would be the effort of removal / refitting and the fact you would be interrupting the gas pipework etc.

When operating on gas, was the flame varying in size as you switched low to high ? If no, it could be a blocked jet.


Mar 14, 2005
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As the fridge is working on electric there is nothing wrong with the coolant so no need to waste time turning the fridge upside down.

The most common cause of poor gas performance is lack of servicing of the burner.
At the age of your van it will most likely need a new burner assembly including jet, plus the flue will need cleaning.

Get a caravan engineer to do the work .


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