Warwick Services M40

Apr 6, 2005
Please not that North Bound the caravan parking is excellant with a large notice of £60 fine for any other vehicle parking in these spaces.

South Bound forget it for the third year running the caravan places were taken up by cars (mostly posh people in BMWs and Volvo cars and commercial vans).

Also south bound the charge for overnight caravan parking if you can get in is £12 : 50.

I spoke to two policemen who were patrolling the car parks to see if they had any suggestions, nothing they could do as it was private ground.
Aug 4, 2005
We stopped at another Service area on the motorway services north of Birmingham, not sure exactly which one now, but it also had a sign warning of
Mar 14, 2005
We actually found the opposite in the Cherwell Valley services on the M40 a few weeks ago. Following the caravan signs, you drive through the coach parking area. Oddly enough it was mostly full of caravans, including three outfits parked on the yellow hatched area with No Parking next to it. (This is the area where the coaches need to swing around to get in and out of the slots). We went around the corner to the caravan parking area and it was nearly empty.

We have used these services before and haven't previously seen this happen. So we assumed that one outfit had parked there for whatever reason, and everyone else who hadn't been there before simply followed their lead. So the problem does work both ways.


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