Water heater

Sep 28, 2005
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A coincidence I know but I have just found that I too have a problem with my water heater (Cascade 2) I think it is. My problem is with the gas. Sometimes it lights but goes off itself, other times it will not light at all. The electric heating is fine. I thought it was an air lock but have now been told it is more likely the gas module. Can anyone confirm this and how expensive or easy is it to remedy. Many thanks
Mar 14, 2005
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Intermittent faults can sometimes be traced to bad fuse connections in the control switch, that is if it is the older separate box type with up/down switch. It's also worth checking the connecting lead itself for damage and the plugs themselves, the module end is under the water tank of the heater. Again on the older control switch I have known the plug socket to break one of its connections to the printed circuit board...more than a few times!!

If all these fail to cure the problem then the 'burner module' could well be at fault and these range from


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