water pump connection


Jul 26, 2018
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My problem is with a crystal 2 pump and socket
The pump connects ok and clips fit over it but if it works it leaks water from the joint , sometimes it does not run

I have to jiggle it about and wedge it in one place for it to work without leaking
Can I resolve the problem easily or do I need to replace both pump and socket
Mar 14, 2005
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Hello fj

I suspect you have two problems. Let deal with the easiest first, and that is the intermittent operation of the pump.
It far from uncommon to find the electrical connection pints have become corroded and or relaxed. A bit of a clean with some fine emery cloth and a tweek with a small screwdriver to widen the split pins just a little.

Now the leak may be just the 'O' ring of the plug and replacing it may cure it, but it is possible the housing may have cracked, in which case it needs replacing.
May 24, 2014
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If the O ring is worn or stretched, it may be becoming slightly displaced as you push the connector in and thus interfering a little with the way the pump is seating.. The O rings are easily sourced and replaced, and maybe try a little vaseline around the pump to enable you to seat it properly. Washing up liquid works too. Jut a thin smear.

Im with Prof, almost certainly the leak is the O ring.


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