Whale pump on Lunar Quasar FB (2008) - not working

Aug 11, 2020
Hi all,

We're currently in France, using our Lunar Quasar FB (2008) whilst renovating. Not overly experience in the world of caravans, so this one has stumped me...

The van was purchased last year complete with a Truma Ultraflow compact housing and submersible pump - all worked well for a week or 2, then it started to blow the 10amp fuse on the consumer unit.

New Whale submersible pump purchased and it worked for while then stopped working (although fuse didn't blow). It looked like it was damaged on delivery, so was replaced with a new one.

New Whale EP1642 submersible pump arrived today, fitted it - immediately blew the fuse, fuse changed, pump worked for about 2hrs then gave up again.

We have an aqua roll with a mains connection, the temperature has been on the warm side for the past few weeks 35+ degrees C (could that be a cause)? The van is on permanent mains hook up to the house on new circuits.

I'm stumped, no idea what could be wrong, any idea on what else I should be checking in the van?

Thanks in advance...



Jul 18, 2017
I am a bit puzzled as we have had several Lunars including a 2008 Lexon and none of them had the Whale pump fitting. You can however buy the Whale pump with the Truma trigger fitting. Perhaps a picture of the housing and exterior pump may help. We have never had a pump either Whale or Truma blow a fuse? If you have a multimeter measure the 12v at the housing for a start to see if there is a short somewhere.
Mar 14, 2005
It seems very unlikely that all these pumps are faulty, So its more likely to be a wiring fault. Carefully check the inside of the water inlet for any frayed or loose wires, that might move as the pump is plugged in.
Jul 18, 2017
If it is the Whale pump have a look inside the connection socket on the side of the caravan. On either side there is a contact point for the 12v. If these are dirty i.e. carbon there may be an extra draw on the current used causing the fuse to blow. A bit of sandpaper or even scratch off the carbon with a screwdriver.



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