Whale water system

Jun 26, 2018
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Hi All
Going away Friday and checked the van over, Xpore 304 with whale high flow pump and ic controller. I had low pressure to the taps hot and cold, we've had the van 4 years with no issues, checked everything and found the pump outlet had sheared off. So bought a new pump and fitted fine. Problem still remains? The inlet filter seems clear, the aqua clear filter has been replaced, I've done numerous calibrations, 12v supply is good and I can't see any kinks or leaks in the pipes.
Any ideas before I lose my mind.


Mar 17, 2007
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Hi Rob. We experienced really low/non existent water flow on an Elddis 302. Turned out the gauze inserts in the taps were completely furred up with lime scale. The guy cleaned them out, presto problem solved. We then rescaled the water system with vinegar. Hope it is as simple as that.
Mar 14, 2005
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Had the same problem with Whale taps in my previous van. The guaze and a little plastc gizmo are held in a ring which screws into the end of the tap. The ring has two flats on it so you can use an adjustable spanner ( gently) to dismantle. Thake care to note which bit goes where when you dismantle.
The soak the gauze etc in a dish with a little water and something like Lidls limescale remover. Overnight they will become all clean and shiny - a bit like false teeth do. Rinse and reassemble ( also like false teeth).
Jul 18, 2017
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Why didn't someone tell me this 2 yrs ago. :angry: :p as I virtually stripped every bit of the water system to find this fault,now I keep a 22mm spanner in cutlery drawer and clean em every time pretty much.
I assume it's limescale in water heater,tried puraclean and flushing through,but still an issue,easy fix but annoying.
Jan 19, 2002
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I have a dealer special Xplore 452 and found them very understanding when I returned with the new to me van with the same difficulty. Now the tap ends are only hand tight so I can check them periodically. Actually I would add that mine seemed to be clogged with charcoal grit that I presume had come from the water filter. As others have said there are several bits within - perhaps a couple of gauze filters, a plastic filter (shaped like a small spinning top) and maybe a couple of sealing washers - so take note of what goes where!


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