What drivers would you like removed from the road (edited)

Mar 16, 2005
Garry. What drivers would you like removed from

8 Mar 2007 03:28 PM

Follow on to the R2 poll in which white vans got my vote-

If the question had been what drivers would you like to remove from the road I would have liked to see:

1/ hat wearers particularly very young (baseball caps) or very old (trilbies/flat caps)

2/ people who do not know how a mini roundabout works

3/ middle lane hoggers

4/ those who pull out in front of caravans and classic cars when a normal modern solo vehicle would have

difficulty pulling up for them - and all because they think they may get held up slightly.

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post being here.


8 Mar 2007 04:13 PM I`d start with `hired` vans. Driven by those who don`t own them and so don`t give a

stuff about anyone or anything else on the road. And more often than not only used to driving something

the size of a not-so-Smart car.

I`d follow that up with `chav-mobiles`. You know the Saxo/Punto/206 thats been bought for a grand, had

hundreds of hours and thousands of pounds spent on it, and ends up worth..... about a grand.

And finally, these stupid little scooter/moped things that the mentally challenged scream around towns on

with utter disregard for traffic, pedestrians, traffic lights, one-way streets etc.etc. I presume these

things will prove effective where birth control failed and assist the Darwinian theory.

Stand back and wait for the flak.


8 Mar 2007 04:33 PM All police and other drivers!!!hehe

ray (c)

8 Mar 2007 04:44 PM Those drivers who think their chosen mode of transport gives them a God given right

to be on the road compared with drivers of other types of vehicle. An example would be somebody who tows a

caravan, which is a very inefficient use of resources, but thinks some other types of road users should be

banned or taxed heavily.


8 Mar 2007 04:52 PM `Inefficient use of resources` compared to what?

The trains that come past my window at work with 6 people on them, or jumping on a plane to the South of

France for a `weekend away` ?

Or watching a 52" plasma TV when you could watch a 10" B&W?

Shall I go on?

Salad dodger

8 Mar 2007 07:11 PM Who would I ban from the road? School runners who are mega lazy and totally unfit.


8 Mar 2007 07:26 PM My Mother-in-Law, who drives around built up areas at 30mph and takes sharp bends in

said areas at the same speed. She is afraid to go on the motorway and if she does sticks to 45mph.


8 Mar 2007 07:34 PM My Husband, Bad manners, drives tooooo fast, never gives way to other road users. He

should be top of the list. Liz


8 Mar 2007 09:44 PM Those drivers who don't understand the word ROUND as in roundabout and drive

straight across to their chosen exit as at the Tesco roundabout on Macclesfield's Silk Road!



8 Mar 2007 10:14 PM Hi all,

People to be removed from the road include;

1, Motorway middle laners that turn a three lane motorway into a dual carriageway without realising it.

2, Anyone who drives with rear fog lights on when there is not enough fog to prevent them seeing the car

infronts side lights, or when it is raining.

3, Anyone who drives with front fog lights on with no need to.

4, Rover and Honda drivers, these are found at the front of most hold ups, and most seem to be fitted with

a 45mph speed limiter as that is the maximum speed they do on a 60mph limit.

5, BMW drivers, when did a BMW last let you out of a junction?

6, Anyone who drives with the wrong colour sidelights, silly blue washer jets lit up or lights under their


7, All chavs and baseball cap wearers.

8, Anyone who tarts up a little shopping trolly car with half an engine to make it look like it has

crashed into Halfords windows and had its exhaust torn off and relaced by a toilet soil pipe.

9, People who stop at roundabouts when there is clearly nothing coming.

10, And finally, people who bang your car door in a car park with theirs.

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Totally agree with No 1, 8 and 10. .... posted 9 Mar 2007 06:58 PM by Big Al

colin (bridgend)

8 Mar 2007 10:27 PM Cricky - reading the replies from Liz and SPJ, I am glad I do not fit into any

catergory stated and that I am a perfect driver. I am not in any way conceited as these people only think

they are perfect. I know different as I am perfect.

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Sorry Lisa - had you name wrong.... posted 8 Mar 2007 10:28 PM by colin (bridgend)


8 Mar 2007 10:36 PM Hi Colin

That's ok. As you might have realised, I have a bit of a problem with certain people on the road!!


colin (bridgend)

8 Mar 2007 10:40 PM Lisa you do not suffer with ROAD RAGE by any chance. Chill out lass and let the

problems drift away - a good spliff I have been told will help to relax one whilst driving. Never tried it

mind as I do not smoke.


8 Mar 2007 10:43 PM It's not so much road rage as despair at the inept drivers on the roads these days.

Are you advocating drugs Colin, shame on you. (p.s. got any for sale???).


colin (bridgend)

8 Mar 2007 10:46 PM In my 61 years of life, 25 years teaching in Further Education, I have never seen

any form of illegal drug. I would not recognise any. I have also never seen a breathaliser. Touch wood.


8 Mar 2007 11:33 PM The only people that need removing from roads are the drivers that moan about other

groups of drivers.

I'd rather lads spend money on blinging their cars up than spending it on fighting beer or Cocaine and

little old ladies remain mobile.

The way they drive should be addressed by the police and regular testing after the initial driving or

riding test is taken.

Let other get on with what they are doing on the road and just keep an eye on what you do yourself.


9 Mar 2007 08:13 AM I'm going to invent a huge spike that comes up out of the driver's seat every time

you switch on those bl--dy stupid rear(and front) fog lights. The spike will stay stuck up your a--e as

long as the lights are on!!! I must say that in 40 licketyspit years driving, in all conditions, I've

never seen the need for them.

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Spot on, Emmerson. It`s an offence.... posted 9 Mar 2007 09:05 AM by Angus


9 Mar 2007 08:25 AM Emmerson.

Try driving the M1, M3 or E402 or other roads that get hit by fog and heavy mist when the fog comes down.

The rear red fog lights have saved my life more than once I'm quite sure.

On the M20 to Dover ferry early morning towing the caravan in dense fog with the caravan fog light blazing

a van or something swerved past us rocking the van and car as we were under the advised 40mph and the

plonker must have been doing 60 or 70 "blind".


9 Mar 2007 08:37 AM How about Members of Parliament who seem to think that the only way to reduce global

warming, carbon emissions, congestion, or whatever is the current 'fave rave' in the House, is to put

electronic gizmos in our cars.

Mike E

Lord Braykewynde

9 Mar 2007 09:04 AM I can't agree with removing everyone that annoys you but I do agree with trying to

educate them on their selfishness. For example lorry drivers, and before anyone goes off on a strop I

don't mean all lorry drivers, I mean the ones who don't know the limitations of the truck they are

driving. We all see them, one lorry on the inside lane and another trying to overtake whilst doing half a

mile an hour faster. It takes the lorry about 3 miles to overtake after the see sawing of both drivers

while meanwhile, due to the knock on effect theres a queue miles long behind them with eventually all the

traffic at the rear coming to a stop. If it's a 3 lane motorway the traffic in the outside lane is reduced

to a crawl due to drivers trying to at least keep moving and other drivers having to brake to let them in.

I can see cris's point about kids and their cars, at least they aren't out getting pi**ed and fighting but

what he failed to mention was these kids were now in charge of killing machines. They pass their test and

due to their attitude think they are put on this earth to prove that they are the World's Greatest Driver.

Look at the statistics of road deaths to see what I mean. I only posted recently of one kid who killed his

female passenger, leaving her child an orphan, while trying to negotiate a bend at 87mph (estimated). This

jerk got banned and fined £200 plus costs proving how cheap life is.

If these kids have female passengers it seems to increase their bravado, I have read where psychologically

it is an extension of their manhood or boyhood in their cases. If they have the need to kill themselves at

least don't take passengers and if they are successful so be it but it is the innocent who when driving

along, minding their own business, are faced with these morons on their side of the road. I have the

utmost pity for these people and their families but none for the morons who have such little regard for

others right to exist.

Another annoying point is the ghetto blaster they install in the boots of their cars. They cruise around

town, windows wide open, blasting everyone with their quadrophonic flak. Rant over :O) now going shopping

to Asda.

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1st Sunday of the month we would see.... posted 9 Mar 2007 09:25 AM by cris

Never have liked these type of threads.... posted 9 Mar 2007 09:46 AM by giovanni


9 Mar 2007 09:58 AM sorry lord B i have post a comment, which should have been a

reply to topic, and not a comment on your thread....


9 Mar 2007 02:05 PM Lisa

Ban motorcyclists, wash your mouth out!!!!!!!!!!!

Personally I would ban all people from the roads who show Dogs, particularly those of a dangerous breed.

Hee!! Hee!!

ps Can you tell I ride a motorcycle, mind you I don't weave in and out of traffic cos its too big!!!!!!

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Apologies! We have a biker at work.... posted 11 Mar 2007 06:53 PM by LMH


9 Mar 2007 03:15 PM Nobody, everyone has a right to be there and its not up to us to say they should not

be on the road.

Time to chill out and laugh at all those other road users who are getting so annoyed but getting no where

fast, if you get past me then your only going to get stuck behind the car in front of me and then i can

laugh at you as you glare in your rear view mirror.


9 Mar 2007 03:19 PM how can you blame lorry drivers for overtaken a slower lorry..woud you sit behind

another lorry for miles and miles,,looking at the same lorry when you may have a faster lorry..the moment

you pull out the headwind hits you and it it takes its toll,,what about the cars that pull out of the slip

road without stopping straight to the out side lane..then 50 yards from the exit they need they cut across

to get off..

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your not allowed to stop on a slip road.... posted 9 Mar 2007 03:27 PM by Icemaker


9 Mar 2007 03:31 PM Motorway drivers, those who stick in the middle lane, have not got the power to

overtake the driver in the inside lane, hence they stay side by side.(sorry is seems mainly lorry


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slightly mis informed, when two lorries.... posted 9 Mar 2007 04:13 PM by giovanni

Gio you highlighted my comment admirabley.... posted 9 Mar 2007 06:06 PM by Lord Braykewynde


9 Mar 2007 03:45 PM Rear fog lights are my pet hate, If you're in thick fog and can't see anything of a

vehicle behind and you're travelling slowly or stationary then by all means use them but turn them off as

soon as you have a visible vehicle following you.

I was following a vehicle with its rear fog lights on in the days before central brake lights, the fog

lights made the brake and indicator lights virtually invisible so I nearly ran into the back of it when it

stopped to turn right, it was a police car too!!!

Big Al

9 Mar 2007 07:03 PM All people who think that they own the road must be banned.

Cos I do actually own the road...... so to everyone else......get out of the way.


9 Mar 2007 07:16 PM To Big Al, now are you a Big person driving a little car, or are you a little person

driving a Big Lorry.

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Now Liz. That would be telling. .... posted 9 Mar 2007 07:24 PM by Big Al


9 Mar 2007 07:30 PM Please behave yourself Liz and address "Big Al" as "your Majesty".

After all it is the "Queen's Highway" so Al must be the Queen!

I thought they called her "Big Lil" but if she likes to be called Al who are we to argue when the prison

are full but she keeps the tower free ;-)

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Cris Pleased you said The Queen and.... posted 9 Mar 2007 07:35 PM by Big Al

Nobody has mentioned cyclists who seem.... posted 9 Mar 2007 09:08 PM by Keith


9 Mar 2007 08:46 PM Colin wrote "In my 61 years of life, 25 years teaching in Further Education, I have

never seen any form of illegal drug.

In my life time neither have I seen or taken any illegal drugs, But I once asked my 14 year old son, after

a rant in the local newspaper by the rector of his school, about how common drugs were. I said that's a

lod of tosh, drugs are not that easy to find near the schools. The 14 year old just said Dad just give me

the money and anything you want I can have within 24 hours !!!. Enough said

val & frank

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24 hours? you must have slow service.... posted 9 Mar 2007 09:53 PM by giovanni

colin (bridgend)

9 Mar 2007 09:56 PM Frank it is rumoured that the ice cream van outside my daughter's comprehensive

school is not only selling ices and sweets but also selling cigarettes and drugs to the children,


9 Mar 2007 10:00 PM I am glad I have no children at school, nowdays, what is it coming to.

steve in Leo

10 Mar 2007 06:03 AM The biggest group of drivers I'd love to remove from the roads are those who

through their own inability to control their vehicles, crash causing thousands of pounds of damage to our

roads and then we all suffer because the highways agencey put up speed restrictions and close dual

carriageways down to one lane.

Why not just take the t**t who can't drive within his/her capability and read the road conditions out of

the equassion by banning them for life from ever driving on the roads.

I've lost count now of the amount of stupid 50Mph speed limits introduced in Herefordshire alone just

because people cannot drive with respect and competence.

The government are the makers of their own road congestion and the rate at which the raods are down rated

on speed, will soon mean we will have complete gridlock.

We have all mentioned the lane hogs, tail gaters and neumerous other misfits in the motoring world. I'm

sure if all of the above were taken off the roads then the 10% of sensible (notice I didn't say good)

drivers left would have a clear road ahead and save 20% on their journey time.


Lord Braykewynde

10 Mar 2007 07:30 AM Steve to be fair regarding the 50mph signs on Herefordshire roads isn't too

unreasonable. We have to have probabably the worse roads in the country and I'm not just talking about the

state of repair. Our roads followed the cattle drovers routes or the old horse drawn tramways, skirting

around fields or any other obstacle, natural or otherwise, hence all the bends. Take the road you know for

example, the A44, it's a joke to call that a major trunk route, theres better B roads throughout the

country and the same goes for the A49, A438, A465,and A4103.


10 Mar 2007 09:38 AM Going back to Colin's post something should be done urgently about people driving

on drugs.

Colin must have had his head buried somewhere as you can go down many high streets and smell people

smoking dope as they walk past, I'd have though in education he would have been on a course to recognise

the smell and signs of users years ago.

It's easier and cheaper for people to get stoned than booze and I've known of many who smoke dope all day

and get in a car abd drive to and from work and had staff at my own company rolling sliffs in their tea

and lunch breaks nearly 20 years ago. They were escorted off the premises straight away but drove home!

steve in Leo

11 Mar 2007 07:37 AM I quite agree LB, our county has some abismal roads that are far too antiquated for

todays traffic. I commute daily to Worcester and it is a nightmare!

Having lived in Leo since 1964 I have seen the area grow but, roads improved a rarity with the exception

of the by pass. What I was on about , is the inability of people behind the wheel to control their vehicle

and drive within capability.

Over my driving life I've progressed from a humble Morris Minor van (1098cc) which soon got a MGB 1800

engine and box fitted together with Marina 1.8 TC brakes all round. then through a multitude of Leylands

worst and even a Viva HC, progressing along the way through 15 Renaults, and the fastest motor ever driven

has been a race prepared Aston Martin DB9R (on the race circuit), fastest road legal car was an XJ40 maxed

out by Motorsport of Ross on Wye. (at 4mpg with the pedal to the metal, you could hear the fuel leaving

the tank, cos at that consumption 0 to 100 was 7.5 seconds and top speed 185Mph.)

After all the blurb of my motoring calendar, you know, the only accident I had in any of the cars was in

the Moggy Minor in 1098cc guize which led to the custom update of the propulssion and braking.

Now then next time you have a free moment why not take her ladyship and the royal hounds out for a stroll

in Queens wood. On the way you'll go through Wellington and past what used to be the "old Comrade" pub.

Here a couple of years ago a chap in a Porsche span in the road comming from leo to Hereford trying to

negotiate the chevron'd bend at over 100Mph. He then proceeded to carreer into the yellow house some

150Yds after the bend and came almighty close to demolishing it.

Now this week our beloved Highways dept have splashed red paint on top of a delapidated road and slapped

yet another 50Mph limit up.

I'm sure you'll agree once you've driven the tram railed road that yet another waste of our tax's has been

displayed. The collapsed state of the road has been there for several years and I'm quite sure it would of

started the chain reaction of upsetting the cars suspension well before the nut case tried to take a bend

that I would never do beyond 60Mph anyway.

Replacing the road surface and correcting the subsidance before the paint would of been better.

I'm afraid today we are suffering the lack of fast car training that is still not afforded to learner car

drivers, who still think they are "Sir Stirling Moss" straight after passing their test in a 1200cc Corsa,

and the LGV driver who passes his test in an empty 44 ton lorry only to be let loose on a fully loaded

monster the next day. Then of coarse we have Mr and Mrs "I've got ABS, traction control, SIP (side impact

protection), twenty two air bags", so I'll be protected and don't need to be a driver just squirt the gass

and the car will look after it's self.

Having read several of your threads I understand that in the past you've been in the frontline of

scrapeing these sorry soles off the tarmac and what a thankless task it is.

Finally I'll just add a note of a a wonderfull oldtimer who live not twenty paces from me. He is gutted

that at the age of 84 he has just blemished for he first time a 65 year accident free driving record,

because the lorry he hit had lost the 7 pin plug for the trailer lights and had to stop quickly. You can

imagine poor old Alf's horror having put his wife in hospital with a splintered collar bone after 65 years

of safe motoring.

What ever has happenedto good old common sense, forward planning, and thinking about the conscequences of

drivers actions.

After all the car does not drive it's self. Well not on the highway yet.

Mark G.

11 Mar 2007 08:05 AM Middle lane Hoggers !!
Mar 16, 2005
This thread slipped off topic over the course of the day yesterday and some posts became quite abusive. It even ended up with several for/anti 4x4 posts.
Mar 14, 2005
You didn't stay up all night editing this thread, did you Moddy?

I don't know what they are paying you, but you're worth double, if this is the dedication we can expect.

Moddyship 5 is in the bag, if I can keep this up...... .....


Mar 17, 2007
All members of the "invisible cycling club". To join you need a dark coloured bike and dark clothing, preferably wth a dark hood or hat. Next obscure all reflectors and do not fit lights. Any shiny bits should be rubbed down or masked. Then ride after dark in poorly lit areas, swerving or turning right in front of hapless motorists. I assume there is some sort of points system for the most crazy manouvers. If you can't afford a bike, there is an entry level sport, "invisible pedestrianism". Of course both clubs are in danger of removing themselves.


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