Which battery and charger

Feb 13, 2015
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Hey guys just after some advice really im looking for a new battery for my Ford Transit-Hymer

Any recommendations on manufacturer,, i was looking at Optima over Varta?

any decent places to buy from online ?

Jul 15, 2014
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Are we talking starter battery or leisure battery here?

For starter batteries I would consider a Bosch S5 (or Varta Silver, said to be identical) becuase they are guaranteed for five years and the new technology they have should give good preformance and durability.

Choosing the best value type of leisure battery isn't straightforward because it depends on the individual's pattern of use of the motorhome, including how and for how long it is stored out of use. Again Bosch S5 and Varta Silver can be suitable and there is no point in spending a lot more money on a gel battery unless you want to do lots of wild camping and your motorhome electrical system will let you take deep discharges, which some won't. AGM batteries are potentially better (depending on usage and storage) but dearer, gels are potentially even better and much dearer - but again whether you will exploit them depends on your pattern of use and storage.

If in doubt for leisure batteries Hymer now fit AGM rather than Gel leisure batteries, which will be good enough for most people, so why not follow that lead?