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Dec 4, 2007
Firstly I would like to thank you all for the responses I received, That's what makes this site the best.

My story:

Last year August 08 I took delivery of my new Bailey Limosin, I was so pleased with the van, all my neighbours on site came round to have a look as you do.

I soon noticed that there was little things wrong and friends began to point out issues such as a small dent, short edging trim, heating set on electric will not warm to van to an exceptable level, shower area always cold, on and on. at that time I thourght I will make a note of all the issues found, and infact phoned the dealer for for advise on when to book the van back in for repairs. At that stage I had made one payment to the fainance company.

Winter soon came around, and it was time to close down the van for season. I followed the manufactures hand book to the letter,

I noticed that I had no winter shields provided with this van the cover the fridge external inlets.

When reading the handbook its states that these shields are an optional extra, therefore not necessarily needed.

About 5 or 6 past and the wife and I discided to drive to the camp site and check out our van.

What a shock we had when we arrived, white residue all over the woodwork, water droplets on the work surfaces, washroom door swolen to the point that you could not close the door, green mould on the draw unit. Could not close the fridge door because the side panel tmber was swollen,

It was so bad the wife was crying. We agreed that the van was not in our eyes not fit for purpose, and we wanted a replacement.

I went out bought two heaters, an electric blanket for the matress, paper towel.

Yes I phoned the dealer, who in fact didn't give a you know what.

I was told to bring the van back to the workshop, which I did.

At a personal cost of £200, I asked the dealer to carry out a full investigation in what had caused the problems, and I was told that they intended to involve Bailey for advice. I sent an e.mail the the dealer requesting a replacement caravan and I was refused.

I was told that the van would be repaired and all issues raised would be rectified.

I phoned the fainance company who literally washed their hands hands of me.

I went along to collect my van after repairs at been carried out and I was not satisfied with what had been done and refused to sign the satisfaction form.

I had the van collected from the dealer and returned back to the site. a matter of weeks later the dealership went through.

Again I phoned the finance company to complain hoping they would comfront the company no chance.

Bailey kindly give me two free winter shields so to a point I was hoping that the problems associated with high levels of moisture within the caravan would be solved by fitting the shields this winter. No..

Again the van as been wintering for the past 6 weeks and again I that I have water globules on my work surfaces.

I have involved Trading Standards, but I still need to consider the conditions occuring in the caravan in the short term. I could pay to have the van stored in a lock, but should I according to Bailey because yes I have asked. My van was designed to be left outdoors over winter without risk of damage and cost. Time again will tell.

And in answer to one of you folks No I have not got a clue, I did not design the van, I'm only the one that paid £1400 for it.

Please come back I read your comments with interest.

Mar 14, 2005
Hello Bob.

I have tremendous sympathy with your report.

It reads as though you have followed the instructions, and yet the condition of the caravan is not what you expect or deserve.

Now I have to bear in mind that I only have your side of the story, so I cannot comment specifically about the treatment you have received other than to say it reads very poorly.

I note that you have made representations to the dealer and to a finance company. This on the face of it is correct, but the degree of liability the finance company carries will depend on the way the finance was arranged. It may also depend on what arrangements you made with the dealer with regards to repairs.

Whilst Trading Standards and the CAB will provide advice, they can take longer than is desirable to reach a conclusion. I am certain that your best course of action is to seek professional legal advice through a solicitor.

It is of course not helpful that the dealer has ceased trading. but t a properly researched letter from a solicitor may awaken the finance company to their legal responsibilities.

I wish you well.
Jul 15, 2008
I believe this must be a fairly common experience and is not specific to your Bailey.

.......as I said in response to your original post I use a daily heat cycle, controlled by a thermostat and timer, and delivered by an electric convector heater.

1 kilowatt for 1 hour a day Nov 1st to March 1st ...cost
Jul 15, 2008
..... no need for heaters or dehumidifiers today!

A rare event here in Sussex ...... the humidity is 55%

Just right for drying out the Van.

What happened to your Bailey Bob?


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