Why do German Autobahns Flow More Freely than UK Motorways?

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Aug 11, 2010
otherclive said:
Catching up on back reading I note that in last Sunday's times Driving supplement there was an article telling that some police forces are now offering offending drivers who lane hog, tailgate, red light jump etc awareness courses instead ofa 3 point penalty and fine. The South Yorks and Herts police were very keen on this approach as it is stated that 1 in 6 deaths occur through what might be driving without due care and attention. But of course you need traffic police on the roads as some of these offences cannot be caught by static cameras. But it is a move in the right direction.
I would say yes it is a move in the right direction, because we all forget somethings, so at least these offenders will have classroom time with police officers to remind and enlighten them. surely thats got to be better than merely giving them 3 pionts and the
offender goes away really learning nothing about roadcraft merely that he has 3 pionts
Aug 24, 2012
It seems that the majority of drivers can't see very well and can't read either. Fiat 500 driver and a shed load of others causing chaos and queues on a supermarket forecourt because they can't read the "Long Hose" signs or see that the fuel hoses that reach around to the far side of a Disco or Land Cruiser would reach the far side of their Fiat 500, IQ, Fiesta or whatever!
If the number of drivers I've seen this evening and on many other on forecourts are Mr or Mrs Average-Driver, we've got a fat chance of curing lane control, tailgaiting, unnecessary slowing or any other bad driving practices. Good luck to the police.
Jul 31, 2009
otherclive said:
that some police forces are now offering offending drivers who lane hog, tailgate, red light jump etc awareness courses instead ofa 3 point penalty and fine.
Considering that the Association of Chief Police Officers own some of the companies that run these courses, that's a great surprise.
Nov 11, 2009
And your point is? Safety Camera Partnerships were also pseudo- commercial enterprises. At least this latest initiative gives the offending driver a choice between attendance or fine and points. Presumably you would be averse to lining a company's pockets and would chose the fine/points option. Me I'd go for the course and take a positive approach that it might make me a safer driver. Isn't that the aim? After all if you do a IAM or BSM assessment you have to pay something.
Jul 31, 2009
My point is that I'm not comfortable with an organisation benefiting financially when they are in a position to get a law changed in their favour.
Everyone knew that (so called) Safety camera partnerships were just a way to milk motorists but the ACPO have kept the fact that they benefit from these 'training' schemes fairly well hidden.
May 21, 2008
JonnyG said:
steveinleo said:
Pig ignorance I think describes what you saw Emmerson.
In Germany, if you break the law of the road, expect a hefty fine. The restrictions on lorrys to use the nearside lane and the time scale for overtaking both play a significant role in maintaining a much better discapline and mindset.
I can remember reading a local town paper while at a friends house in Dortmond. I asked about the center two page spread of photographs of cars showing their numberplate and the name and address of the owner. These were apparently publicity of speeders in Dortmond, who had not yet paid the fixed penalty fine for speeding. There is even a discount for paying early.
I thought this was a brilliant idea as when you think about it, most people hate adverse publicity and embarasement. The Germans have a very high regard of their persona and hate being embarassed or teased about their mistakes.
I think this idea would be brilliant on the motorways or even the towns. Most hauliers want to have a good reputation. Just think of how neat and tidy the stobbart trucks and drivers are and how their trade has grown, based on a slick efficient image. I think the threat of photographic evidence of bad driving and clear identification of the drivers by virtue of the truck reg and tacho records, would very soon change the mind set or give the ignorant drivers their DCM (don't come monday p45).
Then just think of the banter down the pub when "Johnny Speeder or Mr Lanehog" show up. "Saw you in the paper today mate".
Sorry steve not sure your post made it clear who you were attacking? to me it seems in the main it was the haulage firms and lorry drivers? with the exception of stobbart! ha ha ha, please. frankly you are right about image having a part to play but seen plenty of, call it poor driving by stobbart drivers to know they are no better or worse than most haulage drivers. having said that see far more call it poor driving by people in cars, but then there are indeed far more cars out there in the first place.
As for naming and shaming though newspaper, do they still print newspapers?
JG, I see your point, what I was trying to put across was that there are good and bad drivers out there and I agree not all drive trucks. But I quoted stedy eddie as they and a few other firms have tried to get both their drivers and transport planners to buy into a good image. Most of the traffic planners actually do go out on the road and suffer the drivers seat, to make thm better planners.

I would welcome any sort of clamp down and publicity on the standard of driving in the uk. I recently had an incident where I was negotiating a roundabout at Meryhill shopping center and as I was moving on the roundabout, a female driver tried to ignore her give way line and proceed to squeeze the two of us down a single lane exit. She was so "hell bent" on barging in that, she kerbed both nearside alloys on her 62 plate Mercedes. I then saw a torrent of 2 finger salutes from both hands, meaning that for the next 300 yards she had no hands on the steering wheel. I called 999 on my hands free phone and called the police. Within 5 mins they arrived and stopped her. Also two witnesses came forward and she was duely arrested still f in and blinding in rage. Mind you, my laughing probably didn't help. She has been charged with driving without due care, verbal abuse of me and the police and I gave a statement plus two witness statements telling of her rage and the way she didn't stop at the roundabout. So I guess she'll get some points and a fine. But hubby will have to buy two new wheels for the car which on top of the solicitors fee will be a bitter pill to swallow.
She used to be considerably richer than yow, but now the purse is a little lighter.

Oh BTW I was born a brummie but taught to work for what I have and be level with everyone. After all we all have the right to vote.


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