why pleated blinds and long sunroof

Mar 14, 2005
Just started to look at replacing our caravan don't understand the pleated blinds thing, the rollers are much simpler and easier, also whats the point in the long sunroof that only opens on tilt, initial thoughts are to keep what we have.
May 7, 2012
I agree entirely, but the caravan builders think we are wrong. I assume they do some consumer research, but for me I prefer roller blinds and a proper opening sunroof.
Mar 14, 2005
Hi Raywood, of the vans we have looked at Eldiss and Lunar favour the long sunroof, I can't understand the benefit, it only opens on a tilt, Swift and Coachman favour the usual Heki, they all seem to think we want pleated blinds except for the basic models, every pleated blind we have had has ended up with pinholes on the folds.We have the classic problem, the Lunar we like offers the best furnishings, storage etc, Swift and Coachman have the Heki but the storage and specification is not exactly to our liking,will keep looking or could wait with bated breath to see what the manufacturers come up with at the October show.and another thing the fixed beds have an annoying lump at the pillow end, so if you have a fitted sheet you can't retract the bed in daytime use, I find myself wondering whether the manufacturers ever try using their own products
Feb 23, 2018
I prefer the look of the pleated blinds... But then i've never had them, except roof mounted on the Hekis & front (fixed) sunroof. They seem to be treated as a more premium option; my bog-standard Sprite has the roller blinds, but some of the dealer specials based on the Sprite swap these for pleated blinds with 'nicer' fabrics to match.

A draw-back of the roller blinds is the manufacturer advice not to close them in hot weather in storage, as it may cause damage to Acrylic windows. This does not apply to the pleats, as they can be left open at the top to allow heat to escape.
Nov 6, 2006
The problem with pleated blinds is that they capture dust, dead bugs, leaves and bits of twig in the folds. I discovered this when I removed the inner part of my Heki4 rooflights to do some other work. Cleaned out of course, but it probably needs doing annually unless you are athletic enough to do it from the roof side


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