Wiring of lighting cabrera 2022

Jun 12, 2022
Have just bought a Unicorn Cabrera 2022. Believe the internal lights must be wired wrong and would like to confirm with other owners how theirs are switched.
First there is the master switch. Switching this on when entering the van switches on the 2 led lights in the middle of the van above the mid door. There is no way to switch these off other than the master switch which of course dis-ables all other lights.
Secondly the only way to switch the light on in the toilet is to have the main light on in the lounge. This suggests to me that the toilet pull switch is effectively in series with the longe switch.
Can anyone confirm if this Cabrera is the same or different or the way the cabrera lights should be switched. Can't believe this is right and my dealer is useless. Thanks
May 7, 2012
Sounds ludicrous to me. If you have had the caravan for less than 30 days you could threaten to reject it which might make them more attentive. If you have any finance or used a credit card in the purchase the providers have a liability here and you should advise them.
May 12, 2023
hi I just joined the forum, I’m sure by now you have had this fixed, but we have the same 2022 model and that isn’t how the lights work in our Cabrera


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