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  1. Z

    Grab Handles

    Hi, Myself and my partner have recently got into caravanning. Never thought I would enjoy it let alone own a caravan but here we are! We own a Hymer Living 530 which we took out for its first adventure last weekend. Unfortunately in transit back home we discovered the front of one of the grab...
  2. C

    Carrying an extra gas cylinder

    If I wanted to carry a third small cylinder for a BBQ with me, is there any reason this shouldn't be carried inside the caravan? I would stow it in the cupboard underneath the cooker where there are drop vents and fit the appropriate strap to keep it secure and upright. It would be removed...
  3. A

    How Much is this trailer worth?

    Dealing with a family estate.. Found a 1982 Burstner travel trailer "City" - Purchased new while father in law was stationed in Germany. All original, including a large tent that attaches to the side of it. Not musty/no rodents etc. Needs some new weatherstripping (and serious updating of...
  4. S

    How to keep mosquitoes out of your caravan?

    Has anyone else had issues with mosquitos in their caravan? If you have I would greatly appreciate any tips on how to keep them out, or even any products that you use to keep them away?
  5. S

    why do motor movers have different weights?

    I'm just looking at motor movers, and I've found that they all seem to vary in their weight. Does the weight matter? And what is the difference between a heavier motor mover and a lighter motor mover? I'm guessing the heavier ones are made to move heavier caravans?
  6. S

    Which caravans hold their value best?

    Are there any specific caravans that hold their value better than others? I'm just thinking if there is anything I can do to help my caravan hold its value for longer? or if there are things that may result in my caravan losing value faster?
  7. S

    How much does towing a caravan effect your MPG?

    It is obvious that towing a caravan can affect your miles per gallon by quite a bit, but I'm just wondering to what extent it is affected. Does the type of going vehicle you have also have a role to play in this, or is it simply down to the weight of your caravan?
  8. C

    I am fuming

    I was in a spot of bother financially four or five years ago and ended up with a couple of CCJs. Both are satisfied and due to come off in the next couple of years. I've had a couple of companies decline me which means now I'm having to say that I've had insurance declined when applying to...
  9. Elliehome2

    Hello campers :)

    Hey! I have a caravan, me my boyfriend and dog go on travels around the UK, we had damp but we got it sorted, how are you? hugs I'm Ellie :)
  10. fkeates

    Caravan aircon experience

    Hi I (used to and still hoping!) go to France a lot with the caravan, and looking for advice & experience from people who have had aircons installed in their caravan, please? I'm interested in the roof mounted types and would like to know if they're effective, noisy, weight issues, and what...
  11. D

    Truma ultra heat.

    Hi all, my truma ultra heat has stopped working on 2000w and 1000w. Just works on the 500w but not very good? Has anyone else had this problem if so did you find out what was causing it? Tia
  12. DaveT

    Thetford c200e (electric flush)

    So finally got all my electrics sorted , with and thanks to everyone on here who helped with my previous problems) Only to get parked up on Friday night filled flush toilet up, which then very Quickly drained into the cassette compartment. I didn’t know there was a drain plug. New to this and...