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    Damp black spots / pimple patches, 15-30% on patches of floor - Bailey Pegasus Ancona GT-65 2014

    Good afternoon, I've recently noticed, after taking the van out of storage, black spots and pimples, in front of the hot water tank and spreading aft under the bottom bunk bed. this is only in spots and not extending from the sides. I've checked the underside of the floor, with damp readings...
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    Does Bailey Alu-Tech have water ingress problems?

    I've been hearing that the Bailey Alu-Tech caravans have a tendency to let water seep through. Is this true? I would have thought that since they use fewer panels, they would be much better at preventing water ingress. Does this also mean that the Alu-Tech caravans also get a lot of damp? I can...
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    Should I get a caravan moisture meter?

    Is it worth getting a moisture meter? What exactly is it used for?
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    Which caravans are worst for damp?

    Is there any specific caravan makes or models that are particularly bad when it comes to damp? If your caravan does have damp, will it dry out?