Škoda Kodiaq tow test

Mar 14, 2005
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The report makes the comment that the nose load (S Value) limit is only 80kg! This is exactly in line with the EU directive on S values where the tow ball must be rated for a minimum of 25Kg or 4% of the towed weight limit which ever is larger.

4% of 2000kg towed weight limit = 80kg - Spot on EU regulations

If you ran a trailed of weight (1795kg x 85% ) = 1526kg with a nose load of 80kg that would be 5.2% nose load which is within the UK 5 to 7% guidelines.

In actual fact if the caravan had a MTPLM of 1526kg, the 80kg nose load means only 1446 is towed and that would equate to a 5.5% nose load.

So whilst the comment is correct in so far that other larger SUV's may have a greater nose load capacity, the Kodiaq should be adequate for the size of caravan.

80/1526 = 5.2%


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