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Apr 20, 2009
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greenhorn1973 said:
Can anyone give me instructions on how to either add pics to existing post or add pics to a new post. Many thanks

Greenhorn there used to be a sticky on this but see it has vanished, this forum requires you to use a third party hosting site and as a lot of folk use to use Photobucket that's probably why the sticky went as that site requires you to pay for its use.
So some of us have changed to Click here it is free to use.
Along the board at the top you have a square box with a chain link with it, click on it and it will open the URL board, in it you will see http:// get rid of those letters and then copy and paste your photo from the link above. when you have your photo uploaded it will give you options to copy and paste, I use the Direct link which you put in the board you cleared the https:// bit from click on insert and you should get a piccy


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