All good news!

Jul 18, 2017
Chronologically. All the family have now arrived safely in the UK to start new lives and with exception of youngest who is a scholar all are gainfully employed from day one. After 5 weeks in hospital . OH was discharged and hopefully is on the way to recovery. Nice to have a her back home.

The Jeep dealer has agreed to collect the car to investigate the speckles which as affected all the glass including mirrors and has been impairing vision in certain light. There is a possibility that the paintwork is also affected. The dealar has kindly supplied a loan car while ours is being investigated.

Lastly the caravan has had the whole front replaced at a cost of £600 instead of £9000 and their check showed that the caravan was damp free however they never checked for damp around the Omnivent area where reading was over 35%. Previously about 2 years ago we had an aircon fitted by a third party who have now investigated and found that a plate that was fitted had somehow become distorted allowing water into the caravan. At present they are drying out the area and it is to be hoped we can collect the caravan by Thursday.

Nice to have an almost stress free life again! (y):D
Jun 16, 2020
Nice to hear so much good news. Especially about Margaret. Onwards and upwards.




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