Archies Campings - November 2018 update

Dec 14, 2006
For users of Archies Campings there is a new update available on line at ArchiesCampings from this weekend. This will be the last for this year. ..... so if you're planning to go away in the next few weeks make sure you download the updates now.

For those who don't use Archies Campings I should explain that this is a website which offers downloads of POI's for more than 33,000 campsites in the UK and the rest of Europe, for almost all types of SatNavs. There is also an App available, for a small fee, which has free updates. This time even more campsites have been added, particularly in Germany, where more than 200 new sites are now include

Archie asks that everyone who notices anything different about a site, from the information on his website, (opening hours, phone numbers, etc) to let him know via the contact button on the website. In this way the information can be kept up to date.

Please can everyone share this on other forums/groups where they think the information will be useful.
Dec 14, 2006
I should have said the the App, which costs just €2.99 (link on the website) can be used on a smartphone, ipad, or on a Windows 10 laptop, and once you've paid for the App you get updates free every month of all the latest changes.

You will also need Google Earth on the 'device' **and assuming you are using on a laptop when you click on the 'A' (designating a campsite) on the map, it brings up a pop-up window, with the campsite name at the top. Click on that and it brings up various links in your browser to such as the campsite's own website, tripadvisor, euro-campings etc - all with reviews and pictures etc.

If using on an ipad, the same principle applies, but first a small window with site name and 'i' (for info) appears. Click on the 'i' and in the resultant window, click on the search (magnifying glass) icon at bottom left of pop-up window, to take you to same browser options. (**Thanks to IanSG for the explanation)


Nov 12, 2009
Thanks Val.
I should point out that Val A is a long term forum member and not a spammer.
This post was reported as spam via the 'report' button. Thanks to all who made the effort to alert me, but Val has no connection to the website in question and always updates us on the latest European campsite information for which we are very grateful. If you want to know anything about touring in France Val is the best person to ask. :)


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