Bailey Jive 570-6 first timer buyers

May 30, 2022

We have just started looking to buy our first caravan and are having a difference of opinion!

We have been researching which caravan layout will best suit our needs and in the last couple of days we have decided on a Bailey with fixed bunks and dinette either a 5 or 6 berth.

Anyway, during the course of all of this my husband has come across a 2017 Bailey Jive 570-6 for £15,000 from a private seller (full service history etc…) which he has now set his heart on!

Bearing in mind we have just started to look and have only seen a handful of caravans advertised in a short period of time, I feel it might be too soon to commit but he wants to jump in feet first as he’s adamant that it’s a great deal; what would you do?

Any advice?!
Nov 11, 2009
Ask to see its service history sheets and damp is the caravanners nightmare. So ask to see the most recent damp survey which is normally carried out as part of the annual services. Although when I placed a caravan for private sale I would always have a damp survey carried out prior to putting it on the market. If it’s 2017 check tyre date of manufacture. 7 years is the recommended maximum age, there is no legal age limit. Some recommend changing between 5-7 years. I always erred towards five years.

The Jive is a Dealer Spe kal and comes with a good specification

Jan 19, 2002
The Jive was/is a special edition caravan based on the Pursuit range sold through Roper's leisure (maybe amongst others), so has lots of upgrades for a little extra cost when sold new. Worth having a look on their website as they seem to have sold several in the range recently including a 2017 570/6 advertised at £18494 -
2017 Bailey Jive 570/6 caravan for sale - Ropers Leisure
which seems a big differential, but used vans are selling at a premium currently because of post-covid demand, and you would get some warranty, and possibly a comprehensive starter pack, when buying from a dealer. However as above proof of ownership, service record and recent damp check (relevant to alu-tech construction) is important when buying privately, and of course ensure you view at the owners home and give it a good examination, possibly with a caravanning friend or get a report from an AWS technician. Approved Touring Caravan & Motorhome Servicing in the UK (
I note it has parallel benches at the front, an L shape dinette on the rear n/s (can make into 2 bunks) and 2 fixed bunks on the rear o/s to make up the '6' in the model title. So the main bed in the front is made up daily with pull out slats and the backrest cushion to make the double (or maybe long enough to use as 2 singles?) You don't say what your family needs are?
I note the MTPLM of 1450 so make sure this is OK for your anticipated towcar. You will find many postings regarding this, but 85% of the kerbweight is a good figure to aim at if you are new to towing (not more than the cars specified maximum tow if that is less).
Good luck!


Mar 17, 2007
As you are looking at bunks, I am guessing that you have children. Bunks can be small and narrow and children grow quickly, and then vociferously protest at the size of the bunk. Depending on the age of your children, do try the bunks out, either yourself or by taking along a child; just to be sure.
Good luck
Mar 14, 2005
There is always an added risk when buying from a private seller, in so far you have little comeback on the seller if anything does go wrong, where as with a dealer you will normally have dealers warranty and you also have the Consumer Rights Act which is a powerful and potentially very useful if things begin to go pear shaped.

As a minimum
  • The layout must meet with your approval
  • Your car must be capable of towing the this size of caravan.
  • You need to make sure the caravan is owned by the person who is selling it.
  • There is no HP outstanding on it.
  • The caravas serial number is clearly visible and exactly the same on the chassis, windows and paperwork.
  • Ask the seller if the caravan has any history of accident or damp damage
  • There is a full service and inspection record inc damp inspections.
  • The price must be within your reach.

If you are satisfied with the ownership and history, then you really should consider having an AWS engineer do a full condition survey BEFORE YOU AGREE TO BUY IT. If the seller is reluctant to allow you have it inspected, that should be an alarm bell that there is something being hidden - and I suggest you walk away from it

The market for secondhand caravans is somewhat skewed at the moment because of the Covid pandemic, and second hand prices have leaped. However One of teh benefits of considering a SH caravan from a private seller, is you may be getting more caravan for your money.

If after trying it you decide it's not for you and you try to sell it, you will lose less money than if you bought one from a dealer, in fact at the moment some people are able to ask more money than they actually paid for their caravans, but I don't expect these market conditions to last very much longer.
May 7, 2012
There is nothing I know of that would put me off this model so what you need to do is the checks needed.
Firstly you need to make sure the seller owns it, so get the VIN number and check that against the CRiS register and proof of the purchase plus all servicing and other records of work on it.
Do see the caravan at the owners home address, not have them bring it to you.
You need a damp check and to make sure everything is working correctly. If you cannot bring anyone that understands caravans, a report from a caravan engineer might be a good idea to make sure everything is right. As said your rights against a private seller are far weaker than with a dealer if things do go wrong.
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