Bailey Pagent Vendee

Jun 8, 2019
Hi I've recently found out that my lounge window frames have rotted away. Rather than pay expensive repair bills, I was thinking of trying to repair them myself. Any recommendations to where I can get parts/advice.
Thankyou in advance


Mar 14, 2005
When you say lounge windows I am guessing you mean the front windows in the van?

If so, then the fact that they have rotted says that you have a leak, and have had for a considerable time.
If this is the case then the only way of repairing is to strip the front end, find and fix the leak , then replace all the rotten wood, replace the insulation and wallboard and refit the windows.

Whatever you choose to do it will not be cheap and will be very time consuming.

Treated wood available from most timber merchants, use Soudall Fixall as the glue , wallboard from Magnum Motorhomes, new window seals from Seals Direct.
May 7, 2012
To see how it is done try searching on you tube as there are videos on there that will help.
Jan 19, 2002
Don't underestimate the fact that the damp and rotten timbers that you hove found indicate a likely much bigger problem as you start to strip out. Don't know what facilities you have, but even if you were working on the van almost full time it is going to be exposed at the front for some time, so you could do with a dry workshop or barn while you are undertaking the job. You can buy a damp meter that will enable you to check throughout the front of the van, but also other vulnerable areas, for example at floor and ceiling height at the rear of the van, top and bottom of the door. You don't give an idea of the age of the van, and damp is the caravanners dread in vans of any age. Whatever you decide please keep the forum updated and I'm sure other members would join me in wishing you the best of luck.


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