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Bailey Unicorn

Jun 24, 2005
Can someone explain how the water storage system works on the Unicorn? What is the wheeled water storage tank - is it like an Aquaroll or is it designed to be an on board tank? My Senator 5 has an onboard tank which is topped up, via an onboard pump, from the Aquaroll. Originally it was fitted with two lever valves which were under one of the seats and had to be altered to allow for filling, inside or outside tank. Mine was altered to a system of electronic valves which are controlled by a simple switch - I don't really want to go back to a manual system if I buy a Unicorn
Jul 26, 2005
The inboard tank is one you can use during winter so that it doesn't freeze.
You use the normal one the rest of the year.
The inboard tank is 23 litres and has to be filled outside the van, put into place, then a valve under the seat is turned to
Allow it's use. I used it once but found it too fiddly, preferring to use the normal aqua roll.
Hope this helps.
P.s. you won't be disappointed if you buy a Unicorn
Jun 24, 2005
This seems a very backward step! What was wrong with the old system of having a fixed onboard tank which was easily filled from outside and gave the option of using whichever tank you wanted. Surely a tank full with 23ltrs isn't easy to put into place?
Mar 10, 2006
Absolutely a backward step, done only on a cost basis.
If you are trading in get them to transfer your system.
I got my gas changeover system transferred, as the Unicorn doesn't have one.
The onboard tank is a joke, try fitting it full of water, or removing it with water in, first time i tried the tank slipped out of my hands and knocked of the door!.
I've now modified mine so i can fill it externally, and i empty it by pumping out the water down the drain valve.

Also if you do buy one get the extra 4 year warranty in the deal, the build has not yet been proven over 3 years.
Should a front panel be replaced then that involves the roof as well.



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