Balloons in caravans

Mar 27, 2005
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There are a family of balloons, mummy balloon, daddy balloon and little boy balloon, who only have a two birth caravan and have to share the same bed. One night mummy and daddy balloon go to bed first and little boy balloon goes to bed later. When he tries to get into bed he finds he can't fit, so he goes to his dad and lets a bit of air out of him. Still he can't fit so he does the same to his mum. Still he can't fit so he lets some air out of himself and finally he manages to squeeze in.

In the morning he gets up and goes into the awning for his breakfast and his dad says.

'Son we need to talk, me and your mother are very disappointed in you.'

'Why' says the son starting to cry.

His dad replies 'Well son you've let me down, you've let your mother down, but most of all you've let yourself down.'


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