Battery life using inverter

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Jul 18, 2017
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Indeed and its quite doable, just don't leave it too long to try going off grid, you might discover the wonderful options it opens, and even find you like it.
Agreed not for all, but nearly exclusively our camping style.
Thanks. JTQ. I did a lot of wild camping in my youth so no stranger to it, but it is getting OH around to agreeing even though we have the comfort of the caravan. Many off grid CLs are in very nice locations.

The biggest consumer of power would be the 40w TV as OH and likes to watch TV in the evenings as we very seldom go out at night. However as a bigger 53w TV only dropped the 12v battery down from 12.6v to 12.2v over a period of 4 hours, there is hope. Sounds silly but I like a peaceful weekend. LOL!

As an emergency we could carry the other 12v battery with us, but due to its weight of 26.5kgs I would prefer to leave it at home. Lithium battery is just that bit too expensive for us to justify its costs.


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