Before We Buy Our First Motorhome #2

Nov 13, 2008
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As current touring caravan owners we are considering the purchase of our first motor home in the next 12 months and have therefore started to look at the different manufacturers and layouts. Most of the time we will travel around the UK and France and there will just be the two of us but we want to have the opportunity of taking our extended family with us.

We quite like the island bed layout such as the A-Class Pilote Reference G740 LCR or the Dethleffs Advantage I6851 or the Magic Edition IDBM. What does anyone think of these as choices for and against.

Also what is the opinion of the following manufactures which we are considering Adria, Auto Roller, Burstner, Dethleffs, Hobby, Mooveo, Pilote, Rapido & Tribute.

Considering that the motor homes we have been looking at are in the weight range of 3500 - 4000kg is it worth upgrading to the 3.0litre engine and auto transmission or it the 2.3 plenty powerful enough and what mpg can we expect if driven reasonably?

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi there

Pilote (French) and Dethleffs (German) are both well-established brands in the UK, with long-serving dealers.

Island bed layouts have been very popular in recent seasons. They're a hit for those who don't want to clamber over their partner to visit the loo in the night. However, they do take up a lot of floorspace, and don't normally allow for a garage-type storage space underneath (which you do get with many layouts featuring a transverse double bed).

I went to the Dethleffs 2012 press preview, and of the two models you mention, I particularly liked the new I6851 layout, with its offset island bed. It still manages to squeeze in a separate shower alongside it, and a washbasin at the foot of the bed. It struck me as very practical bedroom layout, without reducing space in the washroom too much.

Also, the new Advantages look great: for 2012 the A-classes got the same new-look nose that the Esprit sported last season. I believe they’re also available now in the flamboyant, pastel colour schemes.

I haven’t seen the Pilote yet, but I know there’s a very enthusiastic new UK agent who’s actively growing the brand’s UK network, so there’s perhaps more opportunity than in recent years to see them here.

As for the other brands you mention, not all of them currently make A-classes (Roller Team, Mooveo and Tribute), if that’s what you’ve set your heart on.

However, all the brands you mention have all featured in our annual ‘Owner Satisfaction Awards’ down the years, in which our readers report on their new and pre-owned motorhomes. Email me at and I’ll send you a PDF of the most recent results.

Also, we published our 2012 Buyer's Guide supplement with our March 2012 issue (on sale now) - it gives a short summary of all the different brands, and lists all new 2012 models on sale in the UK, each with a guide to their layout. I find it really useful.

As for the engine, I’ve always found the 2.3-litre unit powerful enough for all but the biggest motorhomes. If you’re buying a motorhome built on the new Euro 5 Ducato, you could always opt for the 150 unit, which is close to the old 3.0 litre unit in terms of output. Driven carefully, you can aim for around 30mpg.

Good luck with your search!


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