Aug 28, 2005
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Camping Cheque's look to have the best choice/ value for Belgium. Belgium is quite an interesting country. The coast line has miles up miles of lovely sandy beaches and towns such as Gent, Bruges et Ostend.

Whereas Towards the German boarder it's very dense forests, Hilly and full of contrasting cites like Liege and Leuven.

Jul 15, 2005
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Hi Sandra,

Agree with the other postings, the cities of Gent and Brugge are just great.

North of the French / Belgian border at Veurne, is the Dutch (Vlaams) speaking region of Belgium. Don't try to speak French in the shops, pubs or restaurants - likewise speaking Vlaams in the Southern part of Belgium.

Bruges is called Brugge (pronounced like the second part of Zeebrugge).

Certainly recommend getting a campsite close to Brugge so you can spend a day or so looking around the city - park in the big car park South of the city and walk in. It is just so pretty, great food and even better beer.

If you want something with a beach, then I'd probably head North of the Westerschelde estuary - about 30km North of Brugge, head into Southern Holland and pitch somewhere near Middelburg - the large beach at Vrouwenpolder is big - lots of quality campsites.

I would probably avoid the Belgian campsites on the coast around Nieuwpoort - again there are lots - but the pitches are smaller than the sites inland or in Holland.

Get a copy of the Caravan Club or Alan Rogers guide and have a read over Christmas.

If you need any help translating Dutch into English, just ask (



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