BMW 5 series touring - day to day running

Oct 24, 2007
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Hi I'm looking for opinions on the BMW Series 5 touring, any engine including the 2l petrol post 2016. Not just as a tow car but day to day running as well. Things like mpg, suitability, repair/service costs etc etc.
Thank yo in anticipation
May 7, 2012
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I have only driven the diesel automatic which was a hire car. I am afraid I just could not get on with it, but others love them so probably it is just me.
It had plenty of power, and felt like it would be a good tow car though, doing just over 35 to the gallon, mostly round town.
May 12, 2014
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I had a 2014 520d automatic for 4 years (the saloon version). It returned around 41 mpg in mixed driving, or 49 mpg on a motorway run. 25 mpg when towing my 1635 kg Coachman, which it did with ease.
I can't comment on service costs as it was a company car, but other than regular services it needed nothing in the 65k miles I put on it. Rear tyres lasted around 20k, fronts 30k.
It was lovely to drive, quick, planted on motorways and fun on B roads.
I'm quite tall, and did find that with my seat in the right position the rear seat was cramped. Now my kids are getting bigger that would put me off another one, otherwise I'd have one any day.
Jul 16, 2019
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We currently have a 63 plate (LCI update version) 520d saloon (manual) and absolutely love it - not got a towbar so haven't towed with it, but I'd imagine it to do the job comfortably.

Day to day we get 60+ MPG on motorway and high 40s on mixed use. Servicing is as you would expect for a 'premium' car so budget for it accordingly if doing via main dealers (or we just recently found a local independent we use for our 1-series). But touch wood we've had nothing go wrong so far and the mileage is heading for 80k - just the standard tyre/brake/consumables replacement.

We have 3 boys (aged 9, 13 &15) and find practicality really good - I'm short at 5'7" but the eldest is few inches taller and sits comfortably in the back with his brothers so space is good. We just got back from a week away and my wife definitely packs for all eventualities and the saloon coped well - the boot is deceptively cavernous! I coach youth football and regularly chuck my gear in the boot - obviously a touring will be even more practical...

Obviously suitability for yourself will depend on your needs and use.
Jul 16, 2008
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I`ve run a 520D M-Sport Touring as a company car for the last 6 years. We normally swap cars after 3 years, but TBH I couldn`t be bothered with the hassle of changing then, and I can`t be bothered changing now.

It does everything I want of it, has enough toys, can get a wiggle on if you need to, and has self-leveling rear suspension (as do all tourings) which is brilliant for towing.
We tow 1500 kgs without any issues, averaging about 27 mpg (would do 30+ if I eased off a little, but i don`t pay for my fuel....), and I average c.45mpg week in, week out. Again, 50+ is easily attainable solo if you so wish.

i`ve now got over 150K on the clock, the car has needed 2 sets of discs and 3 sets of pads on the front, 1 set of discs and 2 sets of pads on the rear. It`s a manual (my preference, but the auto is lovely) and is still on the original clutch. It`s had 2 rear suspension airbags (1 under warranty, the other with a 60% manufacturer contribution) and thats about it. I only lift the bonnet when I run out of washer fluid, it has never used any oil.

Find a decent independent for servicing (about every 18K miles) and it won`t cost a fortune (my last service was £480.00 for a full service, rear discs & pads including VAT).
Great seats, lovely steering, excellent sat nav & phone system (especially with the `professional` system which has a DVD player and 20GB hard-drive for your music). Good range (easy 600 miles on a tank solo, 700 if you are careful).

I`ll probably run it until it drops, as I haven`t really seen anything that makes me think " Wow, I`d really like one of those". Some things have moved on, but not enough to justify the cost or hassle for me..


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