Camping chairs

Jun 20, 2017
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We are still using a pair of reclining chairs that we bought many years ago, they are ok, not the comfiest but quite light, they will be retired soon.
I’ve always fancied a pair of lafuma chairs, but are they worth the premium over the likes of Isabella examples?

Nov 11, 2009
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We’ve had our two Lafumas since 2005. They get used in the garden too. They are supremely comfortable and apart from replacing the elastics once in each everything else is original. Not the lightest but I think they are very good and although I’ve not tried Isabella I’d take some persuading to change.
May 24, 2014
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As another option, genuinely comfy camping chairs are hard to find, and we finally managed it. I can thoroughly recommend the Vango Titan 2. They look similar to the normal fold up roll up chairs, which they are definitely are not. If anywhere near a stockist, try sitting in one for a while, they really are excellent. Tried the Isabellas and Lafumas, they are good, but not this good.

Everyone that tried ours was of the same opinion.
Jan 19, 2002
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I've just bought a pair of Quest Elite chairs - one Ragley Pro and one Naples Pro that fold neatly and have a small pull-out side table. Comfy with included adjustable headrest and 5 position recliner. Somewhere like CaravanStuff4U sell them and list the weights. My main advice however would be to find a nearby store with a good selection and then as it were take a pew to see if you sit comfortably!
Mar 14, 2005
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Had Crespo for many years - bought in Spain, restrung twice. OK but quite wide and bulky.
OH decided on new this year - Isabella with removable foot / leg rest sections.
Hopefully this means we can use them without the legrests when eating outdoor using the caravan table, and thus save having to take 2 x Director type hairs as well. If this works it will be a real bonus.
I would always suggest the type with four individual feet rather than those with a horizontal bar at ground level connecting the legs. On less than even pitches these bars get scratched and are awkward. (My personal view and I'm sure many are happy with the crossbar type)
Jun 17, 2011
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We replaced our folding chairs in 2015 because with twin beds we had no where to store them. Bought Go outdoors own brand that fold into a tube and thereby go under a single bed. We have hardly used them, last year not at all, and one has broken- rivet on legs. Store refused to do anything as more than 12 months old even though they are clearly hardly used. Disappointed for a quite expensive chair. (We didn’t overload it as I am only 2/3 the maximum weight limit and I promise no one has sat on my lap.) 2 chairs from Tesco bought 12 years ago for £5 each are still in service- not that comfy though!


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