Car & Van Jacks + Breakdown cover!

Sep 4, 2017
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Well woke up this morning - an unexpected new member of the AA! Was out driving around doing what had to be done when my Peugeot 508 got a puncture. As it is what with my health problems I can hardly get down on the floor then add to that that the dealer supplied jack in the boot simply did not do it's job. In desperation called the AA who came out, signed me up for £40.00 a year and changed the tyre. So now I need to research the CAM Mayday UK breakdown cover for the van or add my van to the AA deal.

So my question (s) is/are this:

What jacks do most guy's have/use for both Car and Van?
Note: I measured the gap between road and car jack spot and it was just 125 mm - needed a low profile jack.
I can imagine that caravans might be the same?

Are there any members with both car and van on the AA and what comments do you have.

What do the Mayday customers have to say about the Mayday cover etc.

Are there as many Mayday service vans around the country as there are AA chaps?
In other words what is the waiting time for each - any experiences?

Anyone researched costs involved?

Basically any comments or advice.
Remember paying £40.00 to get someone to come out and change the wheel is worth it in itself.
Nov 11, 2009
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And it’s not that long ago that you said you hadn’t been carrying a spare for the van, so that’s a bit of bad look on the car. AA gave you a good deal but they are notorious for upping the following years premium.

You really need to read the respective policy details in full to even start to compare policies. But I’ve always been with Mayday as they are geared to car and caravan issues and have a very good reputation. One of their options is to take your outfit to its destination, take the car for repair and failing repair bring you home again. They will attend you in farmers fields if need be. There was a recent thread about recovery services, it’s worth a search.


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