Caravanning with a cat, what should I do about summer heat?

Mar 22, 2021
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I have recently introduced my house cat to caravanning during the winter but I am now becoming worried about the summer months with the regard to the heat inside the van during the day while at work, I do not want the heat to kill him. I have been thinking of letting him out (worries me as he is not street wise) and with him being a pure bred Birman l also worry about him getting nicked too. I am getting him used to the outside by putting him in a harness and long lead which is screwed into the ground.
I am looking into also getting caravan air conditioning (cool my camper) are these units any good? As l have just a 10 amp hook up.
Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.
Nov 11, 2009
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As you know it does get very hot inside a caravan in summer. Even leaving vents open would still see temperatures too high, and you then run the risk of sudden rain soaking the interior. Air con is good but there’s the risk that a power outage could lead to it stopping; unlikely but possible.

The awning with all windows down and doors rolled back and your cat in a large sized crate could be an option. You would need sun protection depending on the direction of the awning towards the sun. But it’s still not a ideal arrangement for a cat or dog long term. Security of the cat would be a concern too .


Mar 14, 2005
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It is very irresponsible to leave any animal alone in a caravan or awning whilst you are away for any time.
Certainly on Club sites it is forbidden to do so.

The heat inside a caravan can easily reach 100 degrees and so it can in an awning, even with windows open etc.

Also the idea of having your cat on a leash anchored to the ground is the most awful thing I have heard. The cat could easily fall prey to a predator and have no way of escaping or could easily end up tying itself up with the leash and then struggling , causing injury or death.
Jan 3, 2012
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In the past we had a cat called Toby who lived with our dog Sam, they were more like brothers and when Sam was taken for a walk, a short time later his partner in crime Toby would be there . They would walk side by side until it was over. This would be enacted if they were to come away in the van with us so keeping him in would not have been possible if his mate was off on his travels!
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Jul 18, 2017
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Our cat lived with us in our caravan for over two years when we were living in the caravan permanently many years ago. She was free to come and go, but she mainly stayed by the caravan.
We looked at the Cool my caravan a few years ago and decided it would not be very effective so opted for a proper air con. There are times when we have to leave our dogs in the caravan for a short while as it would not be fair for them to be in a hot car while we are shopping. The air con does help.


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