Cleaning bathroom

Mar 14, 2005
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Just picked up a new Bailey Ranger and scanning through the manuals, noticed that there seem to be restrictions on cleaning products for the Thetford toilet. Apparently only Thetford toilet cleaner can be used. We want to know what products other Bailey/other make owners use to clean loo and also shower and sinks etc. At home, we use normal cleaning products such as Shower Shine and Kaboom (which is an excellent shower cleaner, no scrubbing required).

So would appreciate advice on what we can safely (and effectively use).

Many thanks

Andy C
The tiolet do have rubber seals and strong detergants will damage the rubber.

Use mild detergant and oil seals with OLIVE oil [ Not normal oil ]this will help. AVOID strong detergants as within your household!!!That is for ceramic use and not for plastic or rubber.



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