Coachman Wanderer 380/2 2004

Mar 14, 2005
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Help i am about to spend my hard earned on a 2004 Coachman Wanderer 380/2.I have been told by my insurance company that when new this van would of cost £12995.When speaking to a dealer they say it is a special model based on the Amara, and its value is slighly less than the Amara.Whats wrong with that i hear you say,the problem is the Amara 380/2 costs £11,345 which is £1650 cheaper than the purchase price of the Wanderer, so how can it be valued less than the Amara when it cost £1650 more to buy.Any owners of the above or comments welcome


Apr 13, 2005
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Andy, the wanderer as you say is a dealer special produced if i remember correctly for wandahome caravans. We have owned a coachman pastiche 2002 a vip 2004 and a 2004 laser all where superb vans which we had no problems with. our vip and laser where both "golden" dealer specials from glossop caravans and both cost the same as the standard van to buy at the time and when we came to sell them we got the same trade in price as a standard van. I think some one is pulling your leg with the prices you have been quoted, you can buy a pastiche 420/2 for 13.495 pounds so nobody would buy a wanderer for just 400 pounds less. from what you say, i take it you are paying less than the cost of a basic amara but your insurance company is quoting the price as considerably higher so the premium is higher. just a thought but has the cost of the amara come down this year ? when we bought our vip it retailed at over 17000 but i note that coachman have reduced the price to just 15995 this year, this could have also happened with the amara. regardless of prices you are buying a van with the best build quality of all the british manufacturers you will not be disapointed.


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