Direct water hose to caravan

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Jul 18, 2017
But as said by others above if your pipework in the caravan is faulty you will get a leak from either external system. I preferred the aqua roll as it still gave the option to go back to the basic makers supplied system and switched the pump off on leaving the caravan. Fortunately we never had a flood in the van, but three in our previous house caused by mains and heating pipes buried in the substrate and not protected. House must have been built by a NCC affiliate 😱
On another occasion not related to actual flooding, we noticed steam coming from under the front bunk. The hot water pipe by the boiler somehow got a pinhole in it and was spurting out hot water. Quickly rectified. Luckily it was winter as in summer it would have taken longer to notice.
A few years later on the same caravan again another pin hole leak also near the boiler, but this time on the cold water system. The pipes were obviously not up to standard. No wonder Lunar went bust!
Nov 16, 2015
When my caravan had a flood from a pipe, when making the repair, I noticed how short the offending pipe had been cut during assemby, so bad workmanship again.