Dogs owning Cars.

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Mar 14, 2005
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You have any problems getting onto sites with it? The reason I ask is that I have a freind who has a Renault Traffic with the same setup as the Merc, windows in the panel sides, good seating arrangement etc and in my subjective veiw a better looking van than the Vito. The trouble is that on the odd occasion when he has failed to book a site and turned up on the off chance he has been denied access to the site because of the vehicles commercial background. While I can sympathise with my buddy, he has the Renault for a good reason, some sites do enforce this rule about commercial vehicles for a good reason. I just wonder what makes it a car and not a van? Can you stick windows and extra seats in a Transit and call it a car? It must be difficult for a site owner to turn away good money just because you drive something a little bit different. Have you come across this problem before?
Jan 19, 2008
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I've never met a six and a half or so foot Spaniel! your Government trained me as a big killing machine ;-) a few years back now.

For a big guy I am very calm and peace loving, I've dealt with drunks, road rage, idiot offensive customers and contractors over the years and have always been able to be "Mr Cool" and I rarely lose my temper.

I and my wife and family have also been supporters of the RSPCA for many years. The attitude and approach of the RSPCA woman had me near to throwing away years of good behaviour her approach was so aggresive. I had one fit healthy dog on its lead, showing no signs of distress, heat trauma or suffering. All she wanted to do was join her mum and brothers runnig in the nearby field with my wife and family.

If it were not for the dog on the lead I really was worried that I could have hit the woman, something I have never ever done.

As said the windows have protection for the dogs and for security so no child or adult is going to get bitten!

I well understand the valuable work of the RSPCA and we have raised as a family several thouand pounds for the cause over the years.

But surely a litle respect and assesment before launching into an aggresive verbal tirade is not to much to ask for!
Ive got to agree with you on the attitude of some people though. Its how they approach the subject, using a little tact helps, not charging in like an enraged bull. Courtesy costs nothing.
Dec 16, 2003
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V Class and Viano's are Cars, based on the Vito vans, but cars!

I have had arguments with a couple of ferry operators at the port.

We carry no company or business branding, and the boths Mercs interiors and toys seperate it from "van" likeness. I have never had a problem turning up on spec at a site with the caravans.

I mentioned elsewhere a guy with the old VITO crew van. It has two side windows and solid rear side panels. He orderd the van with privacy glass and the two rear panels sprayed matching smoke grey and with nice alloy wheels he towed his caravan without questions he had been asked before when using a "van"

I guess its down to image and perception when you pull up, travelling when working with a "cars" used as vans has certain financial benefits over "vans" shall we say;-)

We have far less problems at borders than some of my customers.

V Class and Viano have completely different seats and linings to their Vito travel liner mini bus type windowed equivalents.

Many Merc commercial dealers will not touch servicing of V and Viano's all though you can order spares from them.

Commercial dealers do not sell the V or Viano only main Merc car dealers.

The cars types run different suspensions to the vans and different wheels and engine settings and performance as well as the interior differences.


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