Dorema XL 280 all season awning.

Jul 7, 2019
Hi to everyone. My first question on this site.
I currently have a Kampa Frontier 300 Pro awning. This is it's second year. We pitch down in North Cornwall for pretty well the whole summer on a seasonal pitch. Last year the awning was up for three and a half months this year so far two months but will be up another two. The awning has faded a surprising amount, it is now pale grey where it used to be black. Condensation is a bit of an issue with things having to be covered at night. To its credit it has stood up well to some pretty strong North Cornish storms. I am thinking of going back to a poled awning. The one I have in mind is the all season Dorema XL 280 with extra storm poles just in case. What do people think of the Dorema, good choice or not. Thanks in anticipation of your replies.
Nov 11, 2009
Lighter weight awning like the one you have do tend to suffer condensation. I have had several Dorema awnings and they have all been fine. My current one is a Quattro porch with poles. Never had condensation in my normal weight Dorema or Isabella awnings. Most will fade to some extent as do tents.


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